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Amazon Games adds new New World EU Servers due to demand

A full list of the new New World EU servers recently added

Updated: Sep 29, 2021 8:37 pm
Amazon Games adds new New World EU Servers due to demand

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New World is in incredibly high demand with thousands upon thousands of players waiting in queues around the world to actually get into the game. For those who have been incredibly unlucky, waiting in the queue hasn’t been enough, with a bunch of users getting the @mm_loginservices_internalservererrorexception error, particularly in Europe.

While it’s looking like Amazon Games won’t be upping the server cap to combat this, instead, they have added a bunch more servers to the mix to aid those wanting to get in on some New World action. These server additions are focused, in the main, at EU players as these have been the ones that have been hit the most with errors and the longest queues.

Below, we’ve listed all of the latest New World EU servers to be added to the mix so you know which ones to target, providing you with the highest chance of actually getting into the game.

New World EU Servers – Latest Additions

World NameWorld SetLanguage
TakshasilaVanaheim Zeta
Diana’s GroveVanaheim Zeta
IsmarusVanaheim Eta
HarpinnaVanaheim Eta
HippotaeVanaheim Theta
IsmarusVanaheim Theta
PointlandVanaheim Mu
WonderlandVanaheim Mu
DamalisVanaheim Xi
NowhereVanaheim Xi
CarcosaVanaheim Tau
EstotilandVanaheim OmegaFR/EN
Tabor IslandVanaheim OmegaFR/EN
GroclantVanaheim Ultra
ErewhonVanaheim Ultra
KantiaVanaheim Firma
JacquetVanaheim Firma
MandaraVanaheim CoreDE/EN
DvarakaVanaheim CoreDE/EN
BanoicVanaheim CoreDE/EN
ChryseVanaheim CoreDE/EN
PellucidarVanaheim Omicron
KianidaVanaheim Omicron
FrislandVanaheim LambdaES/EN
LarissaVanaheim LambdaES/EN
PetermannlandVanaheim Sigma
PepysVanaheim Sigma
WachusettVanaheim Kappa
ZanaraVanaheim Kappa
AepyornisVanaheim Radial
MardiVanaheim Radial
Zu-VendisVanaheim Terra
PhaeaciaVanaheim Terra
Ship-TrapVanaheim Alto
CapronaVanaheim Alto
CaspakVanaheim Luft
AltruriaVanaheim Luft
EvoniumVanaheim Luft
BarsoomVanaheim Luft
NericusVanaheim Luft
PavlopetriVanaheim Tenebris
KerguelenVanaheim Tenebris
HeracleionVanaheim Tenebris
RavenspurnVanaheim Tenebris
MuzirisVanaheim Tenebris
BalanjarVanaheim Tenebris
OtukenVanaheim Tenebris
EmathiaVanaheim Lux
HellopiaVanaheim Lux
QuiviraVanaheim Lux
VicinaVanaheim Lux

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