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New World Open Beta Patch Notes and Highlights

Here are the most New World Open Beta patch note highlights.

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Amazon Games’ New World is about to enter open beta from September 9 through to September 12. With the new open beta, players get to test out the content once again before it officially releases on September 28. One thing players can do is test the content we saw during the Closed Beta once again. However, the major difference is the huge balance changes for weapons and the content itself. Amazon Games has revealed the New World Open Beta patch notes, targeting the worst offenders and plenty of bug fixes. Here is every major aspect that is changing.

New World Open Beta Patch Notes

There is plenty of changes coming to the New World Open beta via these patch notes. The most important thing is the patch addresses some of the outrages that players and streamers alike had through the two weeks closed beta.

New World PvP Scaling

One example is PvP Scaling, which is now much harder for lower levels players to kill a higher level player. It rewards the higher level player for being higher level, but skill will still remain an important factor.

The New World Open Beta patch notes say: “PVP scaling has been reduced. The level difference will matter more in your encounters meaning that it will take more hits for a lower level player to kill a higher level player and less hits for a higher level player to kill a lower level player.”

New World Weapon Balancing

It became very apparent very quickly that some weapons were so much stronger than others. Some weapons in the New World Closed Beta were either bugged, causing them to do a lot more than they should, or were outright broken. It was so evident that we had no choice but to create a New World weapon tier list.

Here are all the important New World Open Beta patch notes addressing weapons in a massive way.


  • Freeing Justice passive will now only remove a single debuff, not all debuffs.
  • Fortitude has been replaced with Invigorating Bulwark – this passive will grant 15 stamina on hit with the shield bash and shield rush abilities.
  • Leaping strike startup frames reduced from 16 to 14
  • Leaping strike distance increased from 4 to 6 meters
  • Counter Attack has been modified to be able to stack and obtain a better bonus. It now grants a 3% empower for 5 seconds when blocking an attack, and can stack up to 5 times for a max of a 15% Empower bonus. Previously it would grant a 10% Empower for 20s after blocking an attack.


  • Sacred Protection passive changed to grant a 5% increased incoming healing efficiency to all group members. Used to grant additional max HP.
  • Reduced effectiveness of Orb of protection Fortify from 15% → 10%

Great Axe

  • Reduced effectiveness of Gravity Well Unyielding fortify upgrade from 15% → 10%
  • Reduced Great Axe Enduring Strike Damage reduction bonus from 20% → 15%
  • 2nd hit of Reap no longer has stagger on it


  • Reduced effectiveness of Bow Unbreakable Focus fortify passive from 20% → 10%


As you can see, the majority of these balance changes affect a weapons ability to keep them alive. The Fortify buffs are the biggest nerfs, while some weapons have some annoying stagger mechanics moved to create counterplay. Most interestingly, the Hatchet’s Berserker healing hasn’t gotten a nerf, which is one of the weapons lots of players tilted over.

To reemphasize how much Amazon Games have nerfed Fortify, there is even more perk nerfs to Forrtifiy.

  • Fortified Recovery effectiveness reduced from 30% to 10%
  • Keenly Fortified effectiveness reduced from 30% to 10%
  • Mortal Fortification effectiveness reduced from 30% to 10%

New World PVE Content

Any player who hit level 60 will have seen how broken the AI was throughout the game. Amazon Games are determined to deliver a much better PVE experience, so the following AI changes and difficulties are coming into play.


  • Fixed instances of boss encounters failing to begin or restart their encounters in multiple expeditions.
  • Fixed an issue where players can get stuck between Chardis and the Arena in the Lazarus Instrumentality.
  • Fixed issue with laser walls not dealing damage in Starstone Barrows.
  • Fixed issue where Archibald will despawn during fight in Starstone Barrows.
  • Fixed issue with Vine bridge disappearing in Garden of Genesis.
  • Fixed issue where players could be blocked from entering the Priest mini-boss room in the Depths.
  • Increased damage for all Expedition AI by 13% (this is multiplicative with the change noted in General AI.

General AI

  • Increased damage scaling for AI above level 50 and above (gradual scaling from 0% up to 25% at level 66)
  • Increased health scaling for AI above level 30 (gradual scaling from 0% up to 15% at level 66)

Notable Bug Fixes


  • Players may no longer transfer boss status effects back to the boss through use of Contagious Reverse Stab Perk
  • Resolved several leashing bugs that allowed players to kill AI from unreachable positions
  • Resolved a bug preventing Dynasty Trainees from damaging the player


  • Spriggan
    • Now uses heal behavior more consistently
    • Now uses his Vine Sweep attack while his target is in melee range
    • Increased run speed and accuracy of target movement when chasing a target
    • Fixed an issue stopping him from using burrow to pursue far ranged targets
    • Fixed an issue allowing the spriggan to be attacked while spawning


  • The Depths
    • Archdeacon Azamela
      • Fixed an issue that caused the Archdeacon’s mines to not be destroyed when he is interrupted by destroying his monoliths
      • Fixed an issue that caused the Archdeacon to skip phases if pulled to room entrance
  • Dynasty Shipyard
    • Empress Zhou Taiying – Fixed a bug causing pedestal hitboxes to be up too high
  • Garden of Genesis
    • Alluvium Marl – Fixed an issue causing Alluvium’s Root Wall AoE attack to not reach the edges of his arena
    • The Blighted Greenkeeper – Fixed an issue allowing her to throw a boulder on herself and take heavy damage in Phase 3.
  • Starstone Barrows
    • Greundgul the Regent – Fixed an issue that sometimes caused her Undying Army spawners to not despawn when she dies
  • Lazarus Instrumentality
    • Chardis
      • Resolved an issue allowing his Phase 3 beam attack to not correctly end after the target had been downed
      • Tuned damage volumes for a more consistent player experience


You can find the full link to the New World Open Beta patch notes on the New World forums.

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  1. Game is straight up garbage. Seems like the closed beta ran alot better. I had poor performance with a 40 fps in city and 60 out of city with a Rtx 3080 ti. Just poor on Amazon’s end.

    • Hey pal, I have heard many people have similar issues to yourself. We did a benchmarking video on New World during the CBT. We didn’t do your 3080 ti but we have a 3070 around the minute mark. Maybe compare and see if there’s generally an optimisation issue on Amazon’s end or not. Alternatively, you can read this Steam community post since other people are having the same issue as you. Could be some fixes in there for you to try?

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