New World Release Date, Rumors, And News

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New World stands as Amazon Game Studios' first proper foray into the world of gaming. It should determine whether the company can expand beyond the safe confines of its existing commerce and cloud services successfully.

New World Release Date

The New World release date is slated for release May 2020 for PC via Steam. The MMORPG is being developed by Amazon Game Studios Orange County and published by Amazon Game Studios.

New World Planet Trailer

Amazon Game Studios has released one New World trailer to date. Said trailer was premiered in December 2019 during The Game Awards

Expository in nature, it drops players into a world where reality and fantasy meet in a fictionalized depiction of America as the island of Aeternum during the 17th century, located off the coast of the continent in the Atlantic Ocean.

Good and evil clash. Ancient and new butt heads. All in the name of esoteric power. Battle ensues between former settlers turned red-eyed living dead, towering lucifers and legendary creatures, and living men drawn by the corrupting promise of immortality.

It's heavy stuff but hints at a game tapping solidly into the roots of the MMORPG genre. As studio Patrick Gilmore puts it, New World is 'a garden of Eden that has fallen from grace.'

New World Gameplay

New World features melee, ranged, and magic combat propped up by customizable weapons discovered and forged across Aeternum. Players can engage in PvP or team up to take on hordes of corrupted warriors from the past.

New World banks heavily on social systems with the ability to create Companies with delimited hierarchies and functions with soldiers, artisans, traders, and leaders. Companies can venture out to defeat the lurking evil or strive to seize treasures from other players.

The island of Aeternum also offers players challenges via formidable wildlife that can be hunted for resources to craft equipment and feed Companies. The land also bears its own bounty resources that can be scavenged, and players will have to battle for control over particularly affluent locations.

New World Rumors & News

A closed beta exclusive to those having pre-ordered New World is penciled in for April 2020. The game is currently up for pre-order on Steam or via Amazon.

Final Word

Whether New World will live up to the hype remains to be seen, but with only a few months to launch, we don't have long to wait.