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New X-Plane 12 trailer getting flight sim fans excited

More X Plane 12 goodness with Laminar Research's new general aviation trailer

Updated: Feb 21, 2022 2:50 pm
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One of WePC’s most popular gaming pages is, somewhat surprisingly, our release date page for XPlane 12 with flight simmers seemingly desperate to catch up with any information on when the next iteration of Laminar Research’s mega flight simulation will finally come out.

Prior to Microsoft Flight SImulator’s arrival, I spent a fair bit of time in X P-Plane 11 so I can see the appeal of a sim that is definitely perceived as being a little more hardcore, and a little less twee than the offering from Microsoft and Asobo. And While that may not be completely fair, my own experiences with generating my own high-def terrain maps and even purchasing a new hard drive to store them all on.

New X-Plane trailer

So it seems we have a new trailer following on from the Airbus one we had a couple of weeks ago and it does look and sound gorgeous, even at this early stage of development. So sit back and enjoy this for the next couple of minutes. We still don’t have any kind of confirmed date for Early Access but we know it’s getting closer and closer so watch this space.

The good news of course if you want to jump into the world of X Plane now, by purchasing a key for X Plane 11, you will automatically get an upgrade to X Plane 12, as alongside that, when the Early Access comes along you will be able to test out X Plane 12 alongside the more stable X Plane 11. You have nothing to lose.

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