NHL 22 Release Date And Early Access

The Release Date For NHL 22 & NHL Early Access Release Date

NHL 22 Release Date And Early Access
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Update (October 12, 2021):  The early access period for NHL 22 is now active for all those that pre ordered the NHL 22 X-Factor Edition. Those that pre ordered the Standard Edition will have to wait until October 15 to get onto the ice with everyone else.

NHL22 early access / release time – download countdown

NHL 22 Early access begins (X-Factor Edition pre orders only) NHL 22 Release time
PT 9pm, Oct 11 9pm, Oct 14
ET Midnight, Oct 12 Midnight, Oct 15
BST 5am, Oct 12 5am, Oct 15
CEST 6am, Oct 12 6am, Oct 15


Original story (August 25, 2021): The NHL 22 release date has been confirmed! We take a look at the full official release date for NHL 22 as well as the NHL 22 early access release date for those who pre-ordered the game. Read below to find out more!

When Is The NHL 22 Release Date?

The main NHL 22 release date is scheduled for October 15, 2021.

This is the same date for all the major platforms on which NHL 22 is releasing on i.e.: the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Unfortunately, NHL 22 will not be coming to the PC, unlike NHL 21. This is likely a business decision due to the gaming franchise simply not shifting the same number of units as Madden and FIFA. Hopefully, this will change at some point in the future!

NHL Release Date Early Access

NHL 22 Early Access Release Date

If you pre-order NHL 22 (specifically if you pre-order the EA Sports NHL 22 X-Factor Edition), you will be able to play NHL 22 Early Access – letting you get your hands on the full game three days earlier than everyone else.

This makes the NHL 22 Early Access Release Date October 12, 2021.

You should technically be able to wait until as late as October 11, 2021 to pre-order the game and secure early access to NHL 22, so you may want to hold off for now if you fancy playing the open beta first – read below to find out more!

For more information on the NHL 22 Early Access release date, check out our NHL 22 Pre Order page.



The Release Date For NHL 22 Open Beta

If you want to get a chance to play the game before the official NHL 22 release date, you might want to consider waiting around for the open beta.

Although the release date for NHL 22 open beta has not yet been confirmed (nor has the existence of the beta itself), based on every other EA Vancouver release we certainly expect to hear about one between now and early October.

Read our NHL 22 Beta details page for more info, as it comes out.

NHL 22 Release Date And Early Access - NHL 22 Reveal Trailer