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Nightingale Gameplay trailer reveals a closer look at portal cards

New information about a hit game!

Updated: Jun 9, 2022 9:24 pm
Nightingale Gameplay trailer reveals a closer look at portal cards

Nightingale is coming to PC on Steam in Q4 2022. It is an FPS open-world survival game with a lot of different dimensions. The game is being developed by Inflexion Games which was founded by Aaryn Flynn.

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Nightingale is Coming

Nightingale Screenshot 2
Image via Inflexion

Nightingale is a first-person, PVE, open-world survival crafting game played solo or cooperatively with friends. Build, craft, fight and explore as you venture through mystical portals into a variety of amazing and fantastical realms.

The game is coming soon and is scheduled to release later this year. The gameplay elements look great, with a lot of vibrant colors and overgrown nature. Fog and particle effects can be eye-catching.

It also appears to be the first proper gameplay trailer shown off for the first time since its initial reveal. The game shows off some new gameplay focusing on the portal feature. Players collect cards as they play the game, which they are used to place in the big portal, which allows them to visit a new world, explore new biomes, get more loot and fight monsters. Players need to visit these new worlds, because the resources in different realms offer players resources to craft some of the portal cards. It is going to be a key factor in the gameplay loop and progression system.

Moreso, we got the first glimpse of the survival elements of Nightingale. It featured the usual chopping of some wood and mining some rocks, and some aspects of the base building. Overall, it seems to be shaping up fine.

Nightingale Gameplay Trailer

Credit: GameSpot

Nightingale is coming to PC and you can already wishlist the game via Steam.

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