Game Boy may come to Nintendo Switch Online in September

It’s the “we have to keep our subscribers” time of year in Kyoto.

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NateDrake and ModernVintageGamer —the latter of which is a Switch developer that even coded a Game Boy emulator for the re-release of WayForward’s Shantae— have revealed on a new episode of the “Nate the Hate Podcast” that they both think that a Nintendo Game Boy games are on the way in time for the third anniversary Nintendo Switch Online service.

September is when most paid Nintendo Switch Online subscriptions are set to expire, as that’s the month when Japanese gaming giant Nintendo first started to charge customers to use it. Nintendo typically gives gamers a little bit extra in that month, as if they’re worried people might not renew for another year if they’re not feeling the value.


Why do people think there’s a Game Boy Nintendo Switch Online app on the way?

Most of the speculation about a Nintendo Game Boy emulator for Nintendo Switch Online comes from the fact that a datamine of the original Nintendo Switch Online Nintendo Entertainment System emulator revealed that it was actually four emulators with the codenames Kachikachi, Canoe, Hiyoko, and Count. Kachikachi was the NES emulator, while Canoe was eventually revealed to be the Super Nintendo emulator. The others have remained unused. It is believed that Hiyoko could be designed to play the Game Boy family of Nintendo systems.


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Confirmation of Game Boy on Nintendo Switch Online?

Nintendo Life has apparently confirmed with ‘multiple sources’ that Game Boy and Game Boy Color games are on the way to the Nintendo Switch, but their sources feel like Game Boy Advance software is less than likely to appear on the hybrid console.

They believe that GBA titles getting added to the emulation app isn’t going to happen, as several companies are selling re-releases of GBA software (Capcom with a Megaman Zero Collection, Konami with a Castevania Advance Collection) including Nintendo themselves, who have the Advance Wars 1+2: Re-boot Camp remake on the way.

In theory, a Game Boy Advance emulator could play both Game Boy and Game Boy Colour, so if those titles do share an app, it could be that Hiyoko is secretly a Game Boy Advance emulator after all. Maybe we’ll get GBA software the September after. Until then, we’re sure we’ll enjoy those four shades of green on our fancy new Nintendo Switch OLEDs.