Nintendo Unveils Fresh Luigi’s Mansion 3 Details & Gameplay

Nintendo used its E3 Direct briefing to give us a better look at the upcoming Luigi’s Mansion 3 via a new gameplay trailer.

The action takes place in a luxurious hotel, and as you’d expect, things aren’t quite what they seem. Accompanied by Mario, Peach, a bunch of Toads, and his trusty ghost dog, Luigi must contend with some otherworldly guests roaming the rooms and corridors of the hotel. The hotel is packed full of floors as spooky and odd as the next full of traps, ghosts, and treacherous passages.

As with the previous titles in the Luigi’s Mansion series, Luigi is equipped with the ghost-vacuuming Poltergust G-00, which this time around boasts a host of new features. There’s the new Slam that allows you to slam a ghost on the ground after trapping it to cause damage. The trapped ghost can also be used to slam other enemies.

Moving on we have the Suction Shot that destroys obstacles, breaks through doors, and takes down shielded ghosts. Finally, there’s Burst move which scatters ghosts in proximity to Luigi as well as working as a jump-dodge skill.

A summon-able Gooigi returns Luigi’s Mansion 3 as well to get through tight spots and dangerous obstacles that are beyond Luigi’s skill set, although he’s particularly vulnerable to water. Luigi and Gooigi can also work together in co-op.

Nintendo also unveiled the new ScareScraper multiplayer mode. Up to eight players in teams of four, in either local or online play, team up to defeat hordes of ghosts, solve puzzles and find the lost Toads before a timer ticks down to zero. There appear to be multiple levels to get through depicted as floors in the eponymous ScareScraper.

Nintendo failed to offer up a firm release date for Luigi’s Mansion 3, although the previously announced 2019 window remains. We shouldn’t have too long to wait then, and there’s a demo at Nintendo’s E3 booth if you happen to be passing by.

We aren’t talking Cyberpunk 2077 or Death Stranding here, but Luigi’s Mansion 3 looks promising and should be perfect for light-hearted fun with friends.