Nvidia, AMD, And Intel To Detail Next-Gen GPUs And APUs In August

We’re starting to see a few more rumors and leaks concerning the next-generation of GPUs and APUs. A recent announcement shows us that Nvidia, AMD, and Intel are planning to give talks about their upcoming plans at Hot Chips.

Hot Chips is a tech conference that will take place between August 16 and August 18. All three of these chip designers are expected to give talks and shed light on their next-generation chips.

What Will Nvidia, AMD, And Intel Announce?

On August 17, we will see an Nvidia talk named “NVIDIA’s Next Generation GPU: Performance and Innovation for GPU Computing”.

Nvidia has already announced its new Ampere architecture so it will be interesting to see what else Nvidia will be announcing. We should hopefully find out a bit more about Ampere but it could be that they focus on something else entirely. We’re not sure whether they will be focusing their talk on the consumer market or the professional one.

Intel will host a talk from David Blythe on “The Xe GPU Architecture”. We should find out a bit more about what Xe GPUs will look like here. At the moment, rumors suggest that Xe will first debut on laptops which has disappointed a few people who were expecting a fully-fledged PC graphics card.

Suno Arora from AMD will also speak about the “AMD Next-Generation 7nm Ryzen 4000 APU”. We have already seen from a recent leak what the Renoir APU series will look like with leaked details of core count, CUs, and clock speeds. It will be interesting to see if these details are correct.

Are The Rumours And Leaks True?

It will be good to finally get some confirmation on what Nvidia, AMD, and Intel are planning with their GPUs. This should confirm whether some of the rumors we’ve seen around are true or are completely off base.

Will you be tuning into Hot Chips to find out more about these next-gen cards? If not, we’ll be sure to keep you updated on any of the upcoming announcements.