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Nvidia is trying to cut game dev character creators

With Omniverse growing, AI is coming to save game devs quite some time

Updated: May 29, 2023 8:05 am
Nvidia is trying to cut game dev character creators

In its Computex 2023 keynote, Nvidia has shown off the new Omniverse ACE suite. The Avatar Cloud Engine is designed to help game developers create avatars and characters to create a more unique experience in the game.

Similar to what ChatGPT offers with text, ACE sure wants to do the same with the whole gaming characters. All it takes is the give the background text, some video or audio input, and a brief and you can get a whole character out of it.

In the shown-off demo, a character was made with the background of a restaurant owner interacting with the user asking how it’s going. Then the avatar responds that not too good as they’re worried about the crime rates in the area and that they go for them. So you can see with this foundation a lot can be expanded from it.

ACE features and benefits

Nvidia does say the benefit of ACE is its easy implementation and build. Without specialized expertise, equipment, or workflows, it can give you quick avatars. Although it was shown off in UE5 it can be used in plenty of others according to Nvidia so it should be quite flexible to implement.

So what ACE implements is animation AI first. With realistic 2D and 3D animation based on video or audio. With Omnivers Audio2Face or Live Portrait into live feeds just from the file. Speech AI uses Nvidia Riva to recognize speech and respond to it with a voice with ASR and NMT (automatic speech recognition and neural machine translation). And then Conversational AI & NLP develops intelligent avatars with AI language models. NeMo enables hyper-personalization of large language models, and dialogue managers define conversation parameters and flow interaction

So all of that means that game devs don’t have to spend so much time on these characters and some experiences will be unique. But we doubt this will ever replace the developers and might be used as a tool in addition as plenty of stories and designs will want predefined options and not change between users.

Nvidia ACE video

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