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Nvidia keynote set to announce four new announcements

We now live in a world where announcements are announced. Cool

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CES 2021 might well have to be hiding away with a mask on indoors due to Covid but companies such as Nvidia had plenty of practice at online keynotes during the mess that was 2020,

If ever there was a company in need of a PR boost after the disastrous launches of the 30 series, the GPU giant needs to grab people’s attention when it takes to the internet on January 12th.

A short teaser on Twitter, which if nothing else won’t be being watched by Donald Trump, goes into a little detail on the four announcements we can expect this week.

Feel free to watch it below but don’t blink or you really will miss it. The stream will be available on Youtube as well as on Twitch so you don’t need to be part of the CES 2021 registered in-crowd to stay up to date (trust us, it’s better you don’t get the 40 emails a day telling you about Smart Perfume and the like).

So what can we expect? Well, Nvidia Mobility GPUs are going to be announced for sure, plus the rash of leaks we saw pre-holidays around the versions of the desktop cards would suggest that there will be new news on that front as well.

We are also expecting 9and excited by) the inevitable announcements of more ray-traced games taking advantage of Nvidia RTX cards. Tune in on the 12th where we will be covering what games you can expect to be bulging with DLSS goodness in the coming weeks and months.

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