Nvidia’s Next Generation Server GPU Appears Online

A mysterious new Nvidia graphics card has appeared on an online database with the codename PG506. It was registered on April 7th with the description: “Server Graphics Module”.

What Do We Know About His New Server GPU?

This appears to be a never before seen server Nvidia GPU that’s a next-generation NVLink-compatible graphics module. This is probably a successor to the Volta V100 but it’s currently unclear whether this will feature a rehash of Volta or the much-anticipated Ampere architecture

Looking Back At Previous GPU Modules

It’s worth looking back at other GPU modules, particularly the PG502 Volta accelerator announced back in May 2017 and the PG500. The PG500 was a PCIe-based version of the Tesla V100 and was the first to look like a standard GPU – that is before the Titan V was released. 

The PG504 was the latest in a line of server GPU modules and a 32 GB version of the V100 was announced in March 2018. 

All of the above were code names that were registered on the Korean National Radio Research Agency before they were finally released. 

As the PG504 was registered in July and then released in December, we could see a similar wait time for the PG506. That could mean a brand new server GPU release for later this year. 

Will We See A Confirmation At GTC Online?

That is if all goes to plan. This year has been a series of cancellations and delays so far with the COVID-19 crisis. 

We were expecting Nvidia’s next generation of server architecture to be announced soon but GTC 2020 has been moved online and major announcements have so far been postponed. It’s possible that we’ll still hear news of it at the GTC 2020 online event but for now, we’re still in the dark. 

If we hear any more updates or rumors in the meantime, we will be sure to keep you posted on all things Nvidia-related.