Nvidia Joins Forces With Minecraft Creators To Reveal Ray-Traced Worlds

When you think of ray tracing in games, the first images that come to mind are no doubt modern games with fantastic graphics made even better. However, ray tracing is being applied to classic games too, with old-school titles such as Minecraft getting some graphical love.

We’ve already seen early examples of this through Sonic Ether’s RT shader mod but this time we get to see the official Microsoft release of Minecraft with ray tracing. This is an almost total overhaul of the game’s lighting which goes further than what the shader mod could achieve – with a little help from Nvidia of course. 

What Does Ray Tracing In Minecraft Look Like?

We’ve caught a glimpse of what it looks like from a few images that Nvidia provided us with.

From these screenshots alone, you can see how impressive ray tracing can be even on games like Minecraft. 

How Nvidia Is Helping Minecraft Veterans Learn More About Ray Tracing

Nvidia has also released a series of online tutorials which will be aimed at existing Minecraft users and developers to help them learn about all the new ray-tracing features. 

This will enable them to convert their existing Minecraft worlds into the modern Bedrock Windows 10 Edition.  

When Will Minecraft With Ray Tracing Be Available?

If you’re as excited as we are to finally explore your Minecraft worlds in all their ray tracing glory, you no doubt want to know when you’ll be able to get your hands on it. 

Unfortunately, there’s no official release date so far. At the moment, some Minecraft creators are getting the chance to work with development builds to test it all out. We may have to rely on their reviews and screenshots until we get a chance to play it ourselves. 

At the moment, Nvidia simply says it will be “coming soon” on their blog so we hope that there won’t be too much of a wait ahead of us.