NVIDIA responds to huge GeForce NOW leak

Nvidia has responded to the massive GeForce NOW leak which revealed the names of a number of games previously unannounced or unavailable on PC.

GeForce Now Titles
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When a list of the entire database of games apparently coming to GeForce NOW was leaked by Ighor July on September 13th, we heard the united squeal of gamers anticipating previously unannounced titles. The list included games which were either brand-new, such as a new Bioshock title, or not currently available on PC, such as Playstation exclusives. As such, it was seen that the leak could be evidence of what games we could expect to see on our PCs in the near future. However, NVIDIA has since spoken out to quash our hopes.

GeForce NOW Leak “Only To Be Used For Tracking And Testing”

In a move we could all have anticipated anyway, NVIDIA have released a statement to say that the leak is “neither a confirmation nor an announcement of any game.” Speaking to WCCFTech on September 14th, the company have also verified that “No confidential game builds or personal information were exposed,” as well as confirming that they have removed access to the original information.

So can the GeForce NOW leak be believed?

This does not mean that we should immediately rule out all of the speculation. Firstly, of course NVIDIA would say this. They won’t be at liberty to release official confirmation on behalf of the likes of Sony and Microsoft anyway. Aside from that, some of the speculation from the leak is still very believable, even likely. A number of titles were Playstation exclusives not yet ported to PC. Since Sony has already ported a number of titles to PC, we can safely assume that more will join the fray. It would make sense that Horizon Forbidden West, for example, will join it’s predecessor on PC sometime after it’s release to Playstation consoles in February 2022. Microsoft’s Halo 5: Guardians was another listed. As this is the only Halo title yet to be released to PC, again, we could be forgiven for assuming it will be available at some point.

What other titles were mentioned in the GeForce NOW leak?

If you missed the original news, check out our comprehensive guide to the most important titles on the list. Again, it was only ever speculative and, with NVIDIA now having carried out some damage limitation, we should still only be keeping our fingers crossed that some of the theories might end up coming to fruition. And for more on THAT Bioshock title, take a look here.

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