Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti SUPER Set to Arrive in the Near Future

Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti Super

There have been considerable rumors about the existence of a SUPER variant of Nvidia’s RTX 2080 Ti but it looks like Nvidia does, in fact, have a new RTX model waiting in production. 

Revealed in a tweet by user kopite7kimi, it looks like we will be getting an Nvidia 2080 Ti SUPER. This user has been right about other Nvidia-related links before so it looks promising. However, with any leaks and rumors, we’d always recommend taking it with a pinch of salt. 

Interestingly, this user also posted the proposed launch date for this card. However, that tweet has been deleted so we wouldn’t put too much hope into that one.

The seemingly mysterious number in the tweet (4,608) refers to the alleged number of CUDA cores the GPU will be thought to carry. This means it will use the full Turing TU102 GPU which has been previously seen in Nvidia’s Titan RTX. That model runs with 576 Tensor cores and 72 ray tracing cores - in comparison to the 2080 Ti’s 544 and 68 ray tracing cores. 

What Will The Speed Be Like?

When the tweet mentions 16Gbps, this refers to the bandwidth of the video RAM. We can compare this to the existing RTX 2080 Ti which was 14 Gbps. The quantity of video memory hasn’t been mentioned. This will be the main difference between this rumored SUPER card and the Titan RTX. The Titan RTX has a huge 24GB of RAM onboard to contend with so it will be interesting to see where Nvidia brings this new model out in the market.

It looks like the RTX 2080 Ti SUPER could run with 11GB or 12GB of video RAM. It’s also worth noting that the SUPER GPU, if it exists, would likely be clocked slower than the Titan RTX, leaving it so far unchallenged by this new addition. 

Without confirmation or a firm date in mind, all we can do is speculate. It could end up popping up early next year as a pre-emptive strike against AMD’s so-called Nvidia-killer release of the Navi GPU. As always, we will keep you updated as soon as we know more.