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Nvidia RTX 40 series specification rumors

Some more rumors on what to expect

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There have been some updates to rumored specifications of the upcoming RTX 40 series graphics cards. Kopite7kimi on Twitter is known for providing good intel on what the new releases will have to offer. The new rumor brings within updated RTX 4090 specifications whilst also giving an idea to the RTX 4080, and RTX 4070. A first look at what some more affordable options will have to offer.

Whilst the series of cards is yet to be announced we do expect it to come out in the second half of 2022. With rumors pointing to September/August, we will be hearing more about what they offer in the coming months. So we will keep you posted on what to expect when it comes.

RTX 40 series specifications

From previous rumors, the 4090 has had a slight increase in the CUDA cores. Increasing from 16,128 to 16,384 cores upgrading from 126 streaming multiprocessors to 128. Although that may not be the full extent of the AD102 GPU it is what is to be expected from the initial flagship. Which also comes with 24 GB of GDDR6X memory, with a 384-bit bus clocked at 21 Gbps. All of which come together with a TDP of 450 W, the same as the current RTX 3090 Ti.

Now for the RTX 4080 specs, kopite7kimi tells us it will be made with the AD103-300 GPU variant. This gives the card 80 SMs with 10,240 CUDA cores. And comes with a 256-bit memory bus, but the memory details are where the leaker is uncertain. With the possibility of 16 GB GDDR6 memory clocked at 18 Gbps. This is possibly questioned as would be effectively slower than what the RTX 3080 had to offer with GDDR6X clocked at 19 Gbps. But the 4080 is expected with an increased TDP of 420 W compared to 320.

Lastly, there are some rumors about the RTX 4070 specifications. Which is expected to use the AD104-275 GPU variant. WIth 7,168 CUDA cores along with a 160-bit memory bus for the 10 GB of GDDR6 memory clocked at 18 Gbps. Although with a much lower TDP compared to the rest with a 300 W expected. The card is also expected to be the last to launch with the staggered releases of the Ada lineup. Starting with the 4090 in Q3 the 3070 may come early Q4.

RTX 4090RTX 4080RTX 4070
Board numberPG139-SKU330PG139-360PG141-SKU341
CUDA cores16,38410,2407,168
vs predecessor+56%+18%+21%
Memory24 GB GDDR6X16 GB GDDR610 GB GDDR6
Memory bus384-bit256-bit160-bit
Memory speed21 Gbps18 Gbps18 Gbps
TDP450 W420 W300W

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