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Check out these official Genshin Impact character badges

Add some character (badges) to your Genshin Impact life.

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Further to our searing expose on the Genshin Impact fashion scene, we have news of rather more prosaic, but infinitely more real, Genshin Impact fashion items. Proving very popular around the world right now is the Genshin Impact character badge. Also known as pin badges, yes, they are the sort of thing that inadvertently skewers one’s nipple on the way to being secured to a t-shirt, shoolbag, or sleeveless denim jacket. Ghastly things. (Denim jackets, that is.)

There are a variety of online stores selling Genshin Impact character badges, but perhaps the best known is genshin.shop. The retailer stocks the full-range of 18 Official Genshin Impact Mondstadt Character Badges and 18 Genshin Impact Characters Chibi Badges – neither of which collection includes the more recent additions to the game, such as those that were introduced in the 2.1 update. This s probably just as well, as Sony’s lawyers might have something to say about an Aloy chibi pin badge.   

The badges all measure 7.5cm diameter and cost $10 each, although there appears to be a discount if you…. Oh my, the Narwhal Plushie is freakin adorable!

If there’s ever an official Genshin Impact sleeveless denim jacket, you’ll be sure read about it here first. Watch this space!

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