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Official Intel Core Raptor Lake specs leaked: 24-core, 5.8 GHz i9-13900K

Igor’s lab has done it again, bringing official specifications for the entirety of Intel’s Raptor Lake CPU line-up.

Updated: Sep 8, 2022 12:21 pm
Official Intel Core Raptor Lake specs leaked

Official Intel Core Raptor Lake specs leaked: Intel plans to unveil its Intel Core Raptor Lake CPUs on the 27th of September 2022, the same day AMD intends to make its Zen 4 CPUs available for purchase. As of yet, there’s no confirmed release date for Intel’s 13th-generation CPUs. 

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However, thanks to Igor’s Lab, we don’t have to wait until then to get the official specifications of each and every 13th gen Raptor Lake CPU Intel brings to the market later this year. 

Intel Core Raptor lake specifications 

Below are the specifications of every Raptor Lake CPU intel that intends to release to the public later this year. 

Intel raptor lake specs

As we can see, Intel has spared nothing when developing a successor to the very well-received Alder Lake family of processors. 


The i9-13900K flagship sports 24-cores in an 8+16 configuration with a massive single-core boost frequency of 5.8GHz. This is big, especially if we see a 13900KS at some point, that may very well be the first CPU to push 6 GHz natively without aftermarket OC. 

Definitely still hard to stomach that massive 253W TDP though, we’d hate to imagine what TDP numbers we would be looking at if Intel didn’t adopt the very efficient LITTLE.big technology last generation. We hope that this isn’t just another case of throwing more power at the problem. 


The 13700K comes in with 16 cores (8+8) and a core boost speed of up to 5.4GHz, meaning the mid-range spot in the Raptor Lake line-up is well defended, Zen 4 might have a difficult job retaining the single-core performance crown. 

AMD recently disclosed that all Zen 4 CPUs score higher in Geekbench benchmarks than the previous generation Intel flagship (i9-12900k). Let’s hope Raptor Lake can re-take that crown.


Looks like even the low end of Raptor Lake is coming out swinging, the 13600K has some pretty big shoes to fill, featuring 14-cores (6+8) and a boost clock of up to 5.1GHz, will that be enough to fend off the lower-end Zen 4 entries? 

raptor lake bannor

To KF or not to KF? 

Traditionally you could squeeze a little extra performance out of a KF processor, and they were a little lighter on the wallet. This time around, however, there’s no discernible difference between the K and KF processors. At least on paper anyway, we’ll soon see what’s what when we get a hold of some of these CPUs. 

Intel Raptor Lake release date

Currently, there are no rumors, leaks, or official information from Intel that suggest a solid release date. All we know is that Intel plans to unveil Its Intel Core Raptor Lake 13th generation CPUs on the 27th of September 2022. 

So as of right now, all signs point to an October/November Raptor Lake release. But that’s just speculation on our end. 

Final word

Intel’s 13th generation CPUs look juicy and full of juice they are with that TDP rating! It obviously goes without saying that Intel makes some phenomenal CPUs. We can’t wait to see how Intel prices these CPUs, or how they stack up against AMD’s Zen 4 CPU line-up. 

Watch this space for the latest info on Raptor Lake. We hope you enjoyed this Official Intel Core Raptor Lake specs leaked article.

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