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Overwatch 2 changes: Pros show off major changes in PvP beta

We list the changes in the Overwatch 2 alpha and beta.

Updated: Jul 14, 2022 4:57 pm
Overwatch 2 changes alpha

The content embargo has lifted for the pros and select journalists for the Overwatch 2 PvP beta. We already know there are major Overwatch 2 changes for our beloved Doomfist and Orisa, but there are even more major changes. Let’s take a look and showcase the major changes to the game as presented in the Overwatch 2 alpha and beta.

Update: The Overwatch 2 changes presented in the alpha are now available in the Overwatch 2 beta patch notes.

Major Overwatch 2 changes

Firstly, we got a look at the new role passive in the game. These role passives were announced back at the 2021 February Blizzcon, but we now got to see them in action. In addition, there are a lot of very minor changes to each class, with some getting major or kit redesigns. The major or kit redesigns will be the focus of this Overwatch 2 changes article based on the recent Overwatch 2 PvP Beta / Alpha.

Tank changes

The Tank role has a passive role. No matter what tank you play, you will get knockback reduction, decreased ult charge and reduced damage taken. You can see this in some of the footage that emerged, especially with tanks getting punted around with the new Bridgette knockback or the Lucio alt attack.

Back in Blizzcon 2021, the dev team mentioned that they want tanks to become more bruiser like. It’s a design shift to make them less stand there and tanky that should help to redefine the role in Overwatch 2. It means they have new defensive capabilities and better ways to get in the fight.

As for the other changes, we know that Doomfist and Orisa are getting major reworks, while Reinhardt has a more bruisery kit. Here is a summary of the Overwatch 2 changes for specific tank heroes.

  • Doomfist – Doomfist is now a tank, and has a shield that empowers his iconic charge attack. However, Doomfists skills have less damage, but have quicker charge times, along with a new 450 HP baseline.
  • Orisa – Loses her deployment shield in exchange for a Javelin. She can use her javelin to throw enemies into a wall, along with using it defensively to destroy projectiles.
  • Reinhardt – Reinhardt now has two charges of his flame strike. His shield seems to be 1600 HP, up from 1200, making it much more reliable. In addition, you can now steer his charge much better and stop the charge if required.
  • Winston – New alt-fire that launches an electric charge blast for ranged offensive capabilities.

Check out the Get Quaked On YouTube channel to look at the new tank passive and Doomfist’s new kit.

DPS Changes

The DPS role has a new passive too. All DPS heroes get an increase in movement speed. This allows them to flank easier and find new ways around the map much easier.

  • Bastion – Bastion now has a mine he can place. This mine can be manually detonated to launch itself across areas that can not be normally jumped. It has created interesting plays, which you can see via the Frogger video below. His ultimate now calls in an airstrike, and he can move slightly when he enters minigun form at the expense of less damage.
  • Cassidy – The flashbang stun has gone, and it seems to be replaced with a new ticking sticky grenade. Stuns seem to be getting a game wide nerf, rather than a  directed nerf to Cassidy.
  • Junkrat – Players can move slightly while trapped in Junkrat’s trap, offering some manoeuvrability without nerfing his trap too hard.
  • Mei – Her primary fire now only slows, rather than stunning them in ice. Again, it’s another stun nerf, but it is effective against the new DPS role passive.
  • Sombra – The EMP now deals 40% of the target’s current HP. It makes a decent engage tool against full HP tanks. Her Hack is also more team efficient rather than CC locking, reducing the Hack’s ability disability to one second rather than five. Instead, hacked players are revealed to her allies.

Supports changes

The Support role has a role passive, which now enables all support to offer passive heals-over-time to their team. Not to mention there are very slight tweaks to every single support. There are a few minor tweaks on damage, energy rate, ammo and more, but they are very minor and hard to detail until there are official patch notes for Overwatch 2. Not to mention that the information is based on the PvP beta, so they are more than likely to continue to change until Overwatch 2’s official launch in the far future.

  • Brigitte -Shield Bash now pushes back rather than stuns.
  • Mercy –  Mercy’s passive heal overtime is greatly increased to keep her pure healer identity.

This concludes the Overwatch 2 changes in the game’s alpha testing period. No doubt these will change later on. Overall, Overwatch 2 is shaping up to be a very different game.

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