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Overwatch 2 release date, news and closed beta

Get ready for a new age of Overwatch

Updated: Jun 20, 2022 2:21 pm
Overwatch 2 all we know release date closed beta April sign-up

While Overwatch 2 was announced back in 2019, there has been little information on the development or release date for the Overwatch sequel since then. However, a new update has finally revealed that the game is still in full swing, and that a closed beta will take place in April 2022, to which you can sign-up now.

Hopefully, this announcement – and accompanying apology – marks the start of more frequent updates on Overwatch 2, as well as a release date in the near future. For now, though, we do have some information about the Overwatch Sequel, its new heroes, gameplay update and cross-play information. So, without further ado, here’s everything we know about Overwatch 2.

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Overwatch 2 – What do we know so far?

Overwatch 2 modes

So far, new co-op PvE modes have been confirmed, alongside new PvP mode: Push. In PvE story missions, players can team up with friends to take on the Null Sector, as seen in the announcement trailer above. According to the official Overwatch site, you’ll take on a key role in the next part of the ongoing Overwatch Saga, as PvE becomes more important than ever. You’ll also be able to level up your favorite heroes, both old and new, in replayable Hero missions, which further their individual stories.

In PvP map-type Push, teams will go head-to head to take control of a robot which starts the game in a central location. Take ownership of the robot and push it into the enemy side to gain control and win the game. We know that existing multiplayer modes Escort and Hybrid will be back as well, as they will also be featured in the PvP Closed Beta, showcasing new maps inspired by New York and Monte Carlo.

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Overwatch 2 gameplay trailer

You can see footage of the above Overwatch 2 gameplay in the trailer below. This is still the same gameplay trailer that was released back in November 2019 before the global pandemic and the well-documented Activision Blizzard controversies contributed to lengthy delays. However, there are a load of more recent videos on the Overwatch Youtube Channel showing glimpses behind the scenes of Overwatch 2 development, playtests with Overwatch pros, and even an apology from Game Developer Aaron Keller for the lack of Overwatch 2 communication, in which he commits to more frequent updates as of March 2022. Whether they’ll stick to this remains to be seen, but hopefully now that the closed beta is on its way, development is on a steady roll.

A new look for Overwatch 2

As well as a larger world, new destinations and never-before-seen heroes, Overwatch 2 will have a completely new look to meet the higher-fidelity demands more than six years on from the original Overwatch. Your favorite heroes will have new, more detailed designs, and you can get a better look at how the Overwatch heroes have evolved at the Overwatch 2 site, while you can see Pharah as an example below.


New heroes join Overwatch

While we’ve already gotten to know Echo a little better since the first trailer was revealed, we know there will be a bunch of brand-new heroes added to the roster as Overwatch takes on the Null Sector. We’ve already met one of those, Sojourn, and players will be able to get to grips with this new hero and her weapons and abilities as part of the upcoming closed beta.

Cross-play and keep your progression

In really exciting news, Blizzard has confirmed that you will be able to carry your Overwatch accomplishments over to the sequel, and you’ll be able to show off any skins, player icons, emotes etc that you’ve already earned in Overwatch 2 lobbies. Similarly, Overwatch and Overwatch 2 players will battle side-by-side in the new game, with new heroes and maps available to everyone, and we can only assume this means that Overwatch’s existing cross-play compatibility will also continue into Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 release date?

While there is no official release date for Overwatch 2 at the moment, we do have a date for the first closed beta tests, which will start on April 26, 2022. Since Blizzard is still in the very early stages of developing Overwatch 2, we’ll likely have to wait a while before it gets its global release. If you just can’t wait, then read on to find out how to sign up for the beta.

How do I sign up for the Overwatch 2 closed beta?

While we know that the Overwatch PvP closed beta will begin on April 26, 2022, there is no guarantee of being accepted. However, sign-up is now open at playoverwatch.com, and you can simply log in with your Battle.net details to get yourself on the list. Once you have opted-in, you’ll be considered for future beta tests, including those that start on April 26. Do note, though, that you need a copy of Overwatch on PC in order to be able to participate in the first closed beta, as it is only available on PC to start with, and you need a copy of the original game to be able to join in. According to the beta FAQs, consoles players will be included in future betas.

Finally, ahead of the closed beta on PC, take a look at whether we think your gaming rig will cope with our predicted Overwatch 2 system requirements. We’ve got some recommendations about the systems and components you might need if you’re going to enjoy the Overwatch sequel – and it’s new design upgrades – as best you can.

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