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Feb 5, 2022 10:31 am

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Payday 2 Update 217.1 patch notes

Still getting love and attention, it is the great Payday 2, let's see what the new patch brings to the table


Still a great game and always going to be a great game, Payday 2 is still receiving love in the form of new patches and updates from the developers, years after its release. This February we have just received patch 217.4 so let’s have a look and see what it brings. There aren’t masses of changes here, just a few tweaks here and there but general quality of life improvements are always welcome so let’s dig a little deeper.

Payday 2 Update 217.1 patch notes

It is important to note here that there is a warning on the patch that any installed mods may well interfere with the update so players are asked to disable all mods until the modders have had time to update their work to be compatible.

The patch itself centers around changes to the leech perk deck that was introduced into the game just at the end of last year. the deck was a bit overpowered so has been tweaked to bring it more in line with everything else in the game

Patch size: 474.0MB


  • When taking more than 200 damage with the Leech Perk deck the player will lose 2 chunks of health.
  • Multiple leech players will not increase the healing given to other teammates.
  • Added the in-game achievements icon for “CAR vs Car”.
  • Fixed an issue where the motion dot moved while changing the size.
  • Fixed an issue when using the “Longbore” exclusive weapon set with a 45degree scope attached.

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