Phasmophobia Update Release Date – Phasmophobia Exposition Release Date

The Phasmophobia August Update Is Here! All The Info You Need To Know On The Phasmophobia Exposition Release Date

Phasmophobia update release date phasmophobia exposition release date
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We layout the Phasmophobia Update release date info you need to know. When will Phasmophobia Exposition be released? Find out below!

Phasmophobia is an indie horror game that has proved wildly popular on Twitch, YouTube and across the internet community at large. Although the game is still technically in early access, and so one or two more bugs than is ideal, it has come along leaps and bounds since it has been available to play.

A 4 player online co-op game, in Phasmophobia players must utilize a range of equipment along with their own raw guile to gather evidence of hauntings before meeting a sticky end at the hand of the ghost themselves!

Phasmophobia August update release date phasmophobia exposition release date

When Is The Phasmophobia Update Release Date?

So exactly when is the new Phasmophobia update release date?

As you can see in the below tweet from Kinetic Games, The Phasmophobia Exposition release date is August 26, 2021.

The Phasmophobia Exposition release time is 11AM PT / 2PM ET / 7PM BST


What Is In Phasmophobia Exposition? Phasmophobia Update Changes

The new Phasmophobia update contains a range of new equipment, ghosts, and a revamp of many of the existing systems and graphics!

For a full list of all the Phasmophobia update changes, be sure to check out our Phasmophobia Patch Notes page.