PlayStation Plus Could See A Premium Option Added: Including Crunchyroll Content

The latest reports suggest that we could see a PlayStation Plus Premium in the near future

Playstation plus
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After the acquisition of Crunchyroll, Sony could be making some changes to the PlayStation Plus package – in the shape of a premium offering that could see extra film and TV content added to the bundle. It would come as no surprise if these changes were to come to fruition, as many PlayStation fans have been skeptical of the current PlayStation Plus subscription offerings.

What Is The Current PlayStation Plus?

Currently, users that opt for the PlayStation Plus subscription get a handful of free PS5 and PS4 games everything month – including exclusive PlayStation store discounts alongside additional ‘Sony-based’ benefits. Furthermore, to play most multiplayer PlayStation games online, you’ll need a PS Plus subscription anyway.

Whilst this isn’t a terrible deal, PlayStation players are starting to compare their own benefits against Xbox Game Pass users – with the latter often coming out on top.

An Improved PlayStation Plus Premium Subscription On The Horizon?

Sony has clearly heard the cries of PlayStation gamers, now considering a PlayStation Plus Premium package that could see a heap of additional extras added to the mix. The latest reports from EuroGamer suggest that Sony may be planning to offer a “more expensive premium PlayStation plus offering” – which could link in nicely with the recent acquisition of Crunchyroll (which Sony acquired for £1.17 billion).

The proposed Premium Plus service could see users reap the rewards of 20 movie and television shows from Sony Pictures – alongside additional content from the 1000s of anime shows found on the Crunchyroll streaming service.

A new PlayStation Plus Video Pass service is currently being rolled out in Poland to determine whether or not the plans for a premium plus would be a lucrative venture. The test is planned for a year in Poland, with VP Nick Maquire stating that the test was held in Poland based on specific data, and that Sony would be monitoring the popularity of the service before making a final decision on a global launch.

What Is Crunchyroll?

But what exactly is Crunchyroll? Crunchyroll is a streaming service that features mostly anime content – originally founded in 2006 by a group of uni grads.

At present, the service offers 1000s of anime shows and currently supports 120 million registered users across over 200 countries. The service also offers a paid streaming option which currently boasts an impressive 5 million subscriptions. Users also have the option of a free ad-supported streaming service, similar to the likes of many we’re accustomed to.