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Potential RTX 4080 GPU pictured

So much raw power contained in there with a few slight changes in design

Updated: Sep 2, 2022 8:37 am
Potential RTX 4080 GPU pictured

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The user KittyYYuko on Twitter has given us a potential look at what the RTX 4080 graphics card Founder’s edition looks like.

Some users have pointed out the different font used on the 4080. A move from the GeForce font Nvidia used for the 30 series. However, it is the new Nvidia Sans NALA one used on its website.

So although this might be conceived as a reason this leak is fake. It could also just be a design change from Nvidia for the new RTX 4000 series.

It has also been pointed out that the fan design has changed. With a flip round, the scoop now faces outwards. Moving to a more static pressure-orientated design to get the airflow through the heatsink better.

Kitty also mentions the card is similar to 3090 FE in design likely a thicker design to accommodate a bigger TDP. And below we look at the change from the 3090 Ti FE design.

RTX 4080 FE leak
RTX 4080 FE leaked image, Source: Twitter user @KittyYYUko
Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti FE
RTX 3090 Ti FE image, Source: Nvidia

RTX 4080 specifications

With the potential card shown, we look at what we expect the card to feature in terms of its specifications.

With the latest leaks and rumors suggesting the card is going to feature the AD103-300 GPU. Based on TSMCs 5nm process.

This die will feature 9,728 CUDA cores and be supported by 16 GB of GDDR6X. Which is potentially clocked at 23 Gbps across a 256-bit memory bus.

We also have had a few suggestions as to what to expect from the total board power of the card. The latest suggests a 340W rating, which sits in between the 320 and 350 W rating of the 3080 10GB and 12GB cards.

Compared to the RTX 3080 we do expect improved performance as expected per generation. With a higher memory count and faster clock rate, although with a lower memory bus.

Altogether it may end up costing a bit extra than expected though but we have to wait to find out.

Will there be a RTX 4080?

Yes, it is looking likely there will be an RTX 4080 released. As part of the RTX 4000 series coming by the end of 2022. And it is likely to follow the success of the RTX 3080.

What design will the RTX 4080 use?

From the leaked image we see the RTX 4080 Founder’s Edition will be similar to the 30 series design. Although we see the change in font if it is real. As well as a change in fan design for a more static design.

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