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Potential RTX 4090 3DMark benchmark leaked

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Updated: Sep 9, 2022 8:59 am
Potential RTX 4090 3DMark benchmark leaked

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In the Chiphell forums, there has been a leak of a supposed RTX 4000 series card. And with its massive score, it is more than likely to be the RTX 4090 3DMark benchmark that has been shown.

In that post, there are a couple of screenshots to show off the scores. The card was tested in Time Spy Extreme and achieves a score of 20,192. Which is even higher than rumored but also limited by being tested along an i5-12400F.

Along with the score, the frequency and temperature of the card are also shown during the benchmark. It shows that it boosted to 3015 MHz, which is much higher than any previous graphics card.

In fact, the fastest RTX 30 series by Nvidia factory clock was 1,575 MHz. While AMD Radeon was more capable of reaching over the 2 GHz mark.

In terms of temperature, the screenshot shows the GPU reaching 55.07°C. However, this is not the highest peak even on the screenshot let alone across the whole benchmark so this may not be the usual temp even at 30°C ambient.

According to the leaker, the card is air-cooled and is huge. Supposedly designed for a 600-800W TDP whilst the 4090 is said to have 450W. Whilst idle it is down to 30°C, it is unsurprising if the cooler is designed to be even bigger than the 3090 Ti.

RTX 4090 specs and release date

When it comes to the RTX 4090 it is still yet to be confirmed. The latest news is that we can expect some sort of announcement at GTC in just over a week’s time. It may have been teased with the Project Beyond advertising.

So in terms of the specifications, we still have to go off the rumors. So far we expect the 4090 to be based on the Ada TSMC 4N architecture. The specific variant is the AD102-300, with the board number PG139-SKU330.

It may feature 128 SMs, with 16,384 CUDA cores. Even though the frequency is shown, other information has said it would have a base clock of 2,235 MHz and a boost clock of 2,520 MHz.

For the memory setup, we expect 24GB of GDDR6X with a memory bus of 384-bit. Clocked at 21 Gbps it has a bandwidth of 1,008 GB/s. Needing a power of around 450W it’s understandable that it requires a large air-cooled solution on it.

So with all that, there is a lot of performance expected from the upcoming series. With it around the corner, along with RDNA 3, we look forward to what we will be able to buy.

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