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Prime Gaming Call Of Duty – Free Loot For Warzone & Cold War

Free Prime Gaming loot now available for Call of Duty Warzone and Black Ops Cold War

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Prime Gaming Call Of Duty loot is coming! That’s right, it was recently announced that Call Of Duty and Twitch are partnering up and players are going to be on the receiving end of some new items. There are going to be two bundles you can claim on day one of the partnership – the Bogged Down bundle and the World Series of Warzone Summer 2021 pack.

Prime Gaming Call Of Duty Bundles – What Do You Get?

The Bogged Down bundle features an Epic skin for Woods, an SMG blueprint, a sniper blueprint, a watch, and a new emblem as shown in the tweet above.

The next bundle, the Summer Pack, features a calling card, an emblem, an hour of double XP, and an hour of double weapon XP. Items from both bundles can be used in both Cold War and Warzone.

These two bundles feature now, however, we have seen a third called “WSOW”, which can’t be claimed until October 7th. This third bundle features an FFAR blueprint, MAC-10 blueprint, weapon charm, and a calling card.

How To Get Warzone & Cold War Prime Gaming Rewards

First and foremost, you need to be an Amazon Prime subscriber. If you aren’t and haven’t taken advantage of their free trial in a while, then this is the perfect time to start it and claim these call of duty rewards.

  1. Head to the Call Of Duty Prime Gaming page and click ‘Claim Now‘ on the active content drop.
  2. Log in, click continue, and begin to link the accounts.
  3. Click ‘Go to Activision’, log in with your credentials and authorize Prime Gaming to continue.
  4. Click ‘Complete Claim

Once you have finished these steps, you should now be able to dive into your Prime Gaming Call Of Duty loot.

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