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Get free gifts for Destiny 2 and more with Prime Gaming this November

Pour yourself a sweet one, as it's time to get engrams

Updated: Jul 12, 2022 10:12 am
Get free gifts for Destiny 2 and more with Prime Gaming this November

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Fancy a brew in Destiny 2? You could be playing it on the loo, with your iPhone too!

Yes, Amazon and Twitch are partnering up with the now independent Bungie to provide new engrams containing things for your Guardian to do and use. These include pouring a cup of tea! A new Sparrow to ride around the world and a fresh-looking Ghost Shell.

Destiny 2 is currently available pretty much wherever you can get a solid internet connection, including a very recent addition to Game Pass on PC, with all the DLC. At this point, the only place you can’t actively play Destiny 2 is on a Switch. That’d be dangerous for some members of the WePC team.

What else is in Prime Gaming this month?

Free giftExpiry Date
Genshin Impact: Prime Gaming Bundle #6Nov 24
Destiny 2: The Cup of Tea Exotic Bundle DropDec 7
League of Legends: Prime Gaming CapsuleNov 30
Fallout 76: Survival Bundle #2Dec 31
Riders Republic: Elphie BundleDec 31
FIFA 22: Prime Gaming Pack #1Nov 22
New World: Robin Hood Pack #1Nov 29
World of Tanks: Creepin’ It RealNov 25
Apex Legends: Electric Royalty BundleNov 5
Fall Guys: Frill Gills BundleNov 29
League of Legends: Worlds 2021 Happiness Overload EmoteNov 30
Call of Duty: World Series of Warzone Fall 2021 PackNov 12
Get access to a Free LCC Sanctus and moreJul 1
Dauntless: Arcslayer Aethercasters Aetherstriker BundleDec 2
Brawlhalla: Halloween BundleNov 29
Lineage II: Plucky Hero PackNov 26
VALORANT: Flames in my Veins SprayNov 29
Red Dead Online: Get a Reward for a a Free Accessory and an Offer for 50% off a Non-Role Multi-HorseJul 1
Rainbow Six Siege: 7-Day Renown BoosterNov 19
For Honor: Champion Status + LootDec 29
War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: Story Skip Ticket x100, Event Skip Ticket x100, NRG Restore(L) x30Nov 11
House Flip: Autumn Season DecorNov 10
Free Fire: Weapon Royale Voucher (x5)Nov 10
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang: Amazon Prime Chest + Hero and Skin Trial CardsNov 10
Guild Wars 2: Heroic EditionNov 24
Madden NFL 22: Prime Most Feared PackDec 2
Last Day on Earth: 1000 CapsNov 4
Epic Seven: 1x Tera-Phantasma, 6x Giga-Phantasma, 20x LeifNov 4
RuneScape: Membership + Prime Pumpkin PetNov 16
Legends of Runeterra: Free Epic WildcardNov 16
Paladins: Overlord Khan skinNov 11
Angry Birds Friends: Power-upsNov 25
SMITE: Krang Xing Tian skinNov 11
World of Warships: German Arc Accessories & Premium Cruiser Emden PackNov 19
Blade & Soul: Legendary Style BundleNov 15
Warframe: Verv Furis PackNov 16
Far Cry 6: Vaquero BundleDec 31
World of Warships: Legends: Autumn BoostNov 17
House Flip: Prime Premium PassDec 21

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