Capcom Unveils Resident Evil 4v1 Multiplayer Horror Game Project Resistance

Project Resistance Release Date Rumours and News

Capcom unveiled the latest addition to the long-running Resident Evil franchise at the Tokyo Game Show last week. Currently titled Project Resistance (a work in progress), the game is an asymmetric multiplayer-only spin-off involving five players.

Project Resistance Gameplay

Four players take on the role of survivors tasked with escaping a dodgy experiment gone wrong. The fifth player, on the other hand, is a puppet master of sorts known as the Mastermind who views the survivors through a CCTV network and places obstacles to stunt their progress.

Obstacles range from spawning enemy aberrations on the survivors’ path, controlling zombies, laying traps, placing environmental hazards, messing with the lights, locking doors, and tinkering with the security cameras themselves to act as deadly weapons. The Mastermind’s finishing move is, however, a towering Tyrant against which the survivors have to battle in a kind of multiplayer boss fight scenario.

On the survivor side, players must cooperate and work together to stave off zombies, navigate through the dreary experiment facility, and solve puzzles, all before a timer runs out. Each survivor has a unique set of skills like the ability to tank damage, heal allies, unleash powerful melee attacks, and hack the CCTV cameras to make the Mastermind’s task that much more difficult.

It’s a bit like Saw meets Dead By Daylight with the Resident Evil universe’s unique brand of horror thrown in for good measure.

Project Resistance Release Date

Capcom is running a Project Resistance closed beta running from October 4th to October 7th on Xbox One and PlayStation. Interested parties can sign up here, although they will have to do so before Wednesday, September 18th, which is when signups close.

Capcom says it plans to bring Project Resistance over to PC when the game launches in earnest. As for a release date, Capcom said all would be revealed in due course.

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