The Last Of Us PS4 Vs. RPCS3 Emulator Graphics Comparison

Fans of The Last of Us are no doubt excited about the upcoming sequel. It’s also got a lot of us looking back at the original game to reacquaint ourselves with the story and the characters.

The Last of Us was originally released on PlayStation 3 back in 2013 and since then, a remastered version has been released for PlayStation 4.

Sadly, we never got a PC version of The Last of Us. However, some people have used an RPCS3 PlayStation 3 emulator to run the game on PC and posted their comparison on Youtube.

What Is An RPCS3 Emulator?

To give you a bit of background information, the RPCS3 emulator is a piece of software that emulates the PlayStation 3 to allow for PS3 or PS4 games to run on a PC.

This is a great way for the PC gaming crowd to experience some of the best games PlayStation has to offer.

How Does The Last of Us Perform Through An Emulator?

The YouTube channel “Illusion” posted a side by side comparison video of PS4 vs RPCS3 graphics to give you an idea of what can be achieved.

As you can see from the video, the graphics on the RPCS3 version are a lot sharper and brighter than the PS4 version. These versions were run in the same resolution and captured with a non-real-time recording method. This video has also been uploaded at 1440p for a higher bitrate.

Of course, both versions look great so it’s up to you which one you prefer. It will be interesting to see if a similar comparison will be done with the upcoming The Last of Us Part II sequel. This new title will be released later this week and we can’t wait to see how it performs!

What do you think of the RPCS3 version? Which one do you prefer? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.