PS5: Everything We Know (Release Date, Games, Specs)

PS5 Everything We Know Release Date Games Specs

Here at WePC, I think it goes without saying that we are huge PC gaming lovers. For many of us, you simply can’t beat a powerful PC build running our favorite AAA games. But, when we do indulge in a spot of console gaming, Sony’s Playstation consoles are always a firm favorite. The PS4 has been dominating the console gaming world since it’s release in 2013, so it’s no surprise that gaming fans are waiting with bated breath for the release of the next-gen console. 

The PS5 has now been confirmed by Sony themselves, so all that’s left for us to do is dig up all the hidden information on its possible specs, game releases, and when we’ll finally be able to get our hands on it. They can’t keep it all secret for much longer, right?

PS5 Release Date

The first question on everyone’s lips is when Sony is going to be releasing their next-gen console. The Playstation 5 still doesn’t have an official release date, much to the annoyance of expectant gamers. What we do know is that we won’t be getting our hands on it in 2019 though. We also know, thanks to a tweet by reporter Takashi Mochizuki, that the first half of 2020 has also been ruled out.

That means the earliest we could be getting the new PS5 would be the second half of 2020, or possibly even 2021. Looking back at previous console releases by Sony (Playstation: 1994, PS2: 2000, PS3: 2006, PS4: 2013), we can see six or seven years between each new release. Based on this, 2020 would be the better guess, but maybe we’re just being overly optimistic. 

PS5 Games

After PS5 release date news, the next thing we’ll be looking for is which games we’ll be able to enjoy on it. Again, Sony has been very tight-lipped so far when it comes to information on the PS5, but we have some pretty solid ideas about what games you can expect to see. 

Cyberpunk 2077

cyberpunk 2077 e3 2019

One of the games we would be happy to bet serious money on would be CD Projekt Red’s dystopian Cyberpunk 2077. They have already confirmed that this game has been designed with future tech in mind, making it able to adapt to new technology and bring with it an advanced gaming experience. With its release date already set for April 2020, it seems unlikely to be solely for the PS5, but we feel pretty sure it will be one of the first games to make the move to the new generation of console.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered E3 2019

Square Enix has been teasing us for years now with their remake of the classic Final Fantasy VII game, and with no release date attached to it, it’s very possible that it could be slated for a PS5 release. We’ve already had a glimpse at some gameplay at this year’s E3 and we’re more than a little excited to get our hands on it. If we do end up having to wait for a PS5 release, we can only hope it will all be worth it.

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The Last of Us: Part 2

the last of us part 2

Yet another game that has remained extremely tight-lipped when it comes to release date information. After the huge success of The Last Of Us on the PS4, fans have been eagerly anticipating the next installment in the series. It would seem strange for Naughty Dog to release such a popular game sequel right at the end of the PS4’s life, so we feel fairly confident this will be another PS5 game release. 



OK, Rockstar Games haven’t actually confirmed that there will be a GTA 6 game, but come on. One of the most popular game series out there, we’re pretty sure the next installment is already in the works. And, with no announcement or release date yet, this is another game that we can safely assume will be gracing the PS5 once it's released. 

PS5 Backwards Compatibility

With the release of any new console, the issue of backward compatibility is bound to come up. You’ve spent years accumulating a vasty library of games, and having to do it all over again costs some serious money, which you probably just splashed out on the console itself. Previous versions of Playstations haven’t always come with a backward-compatible system, so how about the PS5?

Thanks to a patent created by Sony themselves, it looks like we should be in look. Not only will the PS5 be backward compatible when it comes to PS4 games, but it may be able to go back even further. It looks as though the PS5 will be able to emulate games from the entire Playstation library - all the way back to the original Playstation itself. 

Sony has officially stated that we’ll be able to play PS4 games and PSVR games on the new console, but here’s hoping I can dig out my old Spice Girls game from 1998 and relive the magic that came with it. 

PS5 Specs

Surprisingly, the PS5 specs are something we actually have some solid, confirmed news about. The man behind the PS5, Mark Cerny, has revealed a number of specification details that we can start getting excited about, so let’s take a look at what we already know.

It will come with 8K TV support

This one makes total sense. With so many games working with new ray tracing technology - the kind they use in blockbuster CGI sequences, the PS5 is going to be accompanied by some seriously good-looking games. Those with 8K TVs will be able to enjoy these stunning titles in all their glory with the PS5.

They’re including a purpose-built SSD storage system

Especially great news when combined with the enhanced graphics we’re likely to see. The better looking a game, the longer it can take to load. With this purpose-built SSD storage system, we should see quicker loading times and less lag - even in 8K.

The 8-core AMD chipset is based on 3rd gen Ryzen

The Ryzen 3000 chips have already shown themselves to be the number one choice on the market, and the fact that Playstation will be integrating these components definitely makes for some good news. The PS5 will have a powerful core behind it, enabling ray tracing technology, and providing us with a potentially peerless gaming experience. 

The audio is going to be next level

Sony has confirmed that the audio on the PS5 is going to be more immersive than ever - especially for those using a gaming headset. While the exact details of the audio specs are yet to be released, Cerny has confirmed that the PS5 will bring with it a new “gold standard” - exciting stuff. 

Final Word

With such a lack of information around the PS5 release date, it looks like we're going to have to sit and twiddle our thumbs for a while longer yet. Thankfully, the PS4 is still on top form, and there are some killer games releasing soon like Dying Light 2, or GTA 6 so we have something to fill our time with until 2020. Will you be buying the PS5 when it launches? Let us know in the comments.