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PS5 UK restock: consoles restocked at GAME, Playstation Direct & more

Get your hands on a brand-new PS5 before they disappear

Updated: Apr 20, 2022 3:33 pm
PS5 UK restock: consoles restocked at GAME, Playstation Direct & more

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Are you looking for the latest PS5 restock? Well, you might be in luck as several stores across the globe have decided to restock the Playstation 5 console as supplies seem to be flowing in right now at multiple retailers which you should keep your eyes on. There is a restock queue up at Playstation Direct in the UK, in addition to stock over at Very and GAME giving you the chance to get a brand new console. We’ve popped all of the links that you need to keep your eyes on below.

The stores also have various waiting rooms where you can queue up digitally for a console or bundle of your own, so be sure to get in there really quickly, otherwise you risk all of these new consoles getting snapped up pretty quickly, leaving you with nothing. Retailers seem to have various bundles packed in games, accessories and apparel so be sure to pick the one that you think is the most relevant to you, and they will be able to do the rest pretty easily.

In particular, if you are looking at Playstation Direct for a role, you might want to get in there as soon as you can. Being in the queue does not guarantee that you will secure yourself a console during the PS5 restock, so be sure to get an early position and exercise only the utmost patience in order to get yourself a PS5 right now. It appears that only the disc edition is in stock at Very, while Game has both consoles. With games like Horizon Forbidden West, Elden Ring and Gran Turismo 7, you’ll not want to miss out on anything else

PS5 Digital vs Disc: Which one to pick for the Playstation 5 restock today

Most PS5 restocks today will segregate their consoles and bundles into the two PS5 SKUs available; digital and disc editions. These consoles are identical, and the digital edition of the PS5 will not come with a blu-ray drive. This means that you’ll not be able to play any games that you have physically purchased on disc, nor will the PS5 be able to play any Bluray or 4K Bluray discs.

This can be seen as a negative for some people who like to accumulate a healthy stock of physical games rather than just relying on the Playstation store and other third-party key resellers to get themselves the latest games. The removal of the disc drive on the digital edition does however make the price of the console a little bit cheaper, so if you’re not dead-set on getting yourself a console that happens to have a disc drive, the digital edition is an excellent option for you.

However, as someone who likes to collect a bunch of discs and boxes to have a traditional physical collection, the disc edition might be the best model of the PS5 you can get, as it doesn’t lose any features, unlike the disc model. For the PS5 restocks today, you might want to get yourself a good idea of what your ideal choice might be.

Regardless of what model you actually pick, it’s a given that you will also have access to Sony’s rehauled version of Playstation Plus, which will allow you to get the best of what Playstation has to offer, so long as you are subscribed. If you are a current subscriber of Playstation Plus, then you can even get titles from the Playstation Plus collection to tinker around with so that you’re not just sat there playing Astro’s Playroom for all eternity while the rest of the world goes on around you.

In addition to this, any PS5 will harbour that gorgeous design that some love, and others hate. We think that you should get the best chances of getting your chance on a Playstation 5 restock in the UK today by trying your chances at GAME, since they simply love their bundles, meaning that stock will be allocated according to the stock that they have available instead of just selling the console separately. While some might turn their noses up at having bundles, you have to think that the best chance you are going to get is going to be with those beefier bundles, since most people will be wanting to get the consoles alone.

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