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PS5 Slim possibly leaked by Australian retailer “The new look, slimmer PlayStation 5”

PS5 Slim rumours are running rampant

Updated: Mar 29, 2023 10:02 am
PS5 Slim possibly leaked by Australian retailer “The new look, slimmer PlayStation 5”

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PS5 Slim possibly leaked by Australian retailer: The Good Guys, an Australian retailer in all things tech may have accidentally listed the PS5 Slim’s placeholder page. There’s no real confirmation of the PS5 slim only a marker of text that leads us to believe that this is the PS5 Slim’s placeholder page for the Australian site.

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PS5 Slim’s possible placeholder page appears on Australian retailer’s website

The placeholder page has appeared on Australian retailer The Good Guys – A major player in consumer electronics in Australia.

The Placeholder page is featured in the image below (in case the retailer pulls the page) There are no images on the page as of yet, but there is some very interesting text to be read toward the top of the page.

image 10

The text reads: “The new look, slimmer PlayStation 5 – incredibly vivid, vibrant colors with breathtaking HDR visuals and immersion – whether you’re gaming or streaming movies and TV shows.”

The word that sticks out to us particularly is “new look, slimmer PlayStation 5” as there’s only one currently confirmed model of the PS5 and that’s the one currently out.

It’s very possible that someone on the web team over at The Good Guys jumped the gun and accidentally released the page early. It’s also possible that this could be an error.

PS5 Slim rumors

According to recent speculation, and a post from WccfTech Sony is supposedly gearing up to release a PS5 Slim variant in Q3 2023. The Leak, an outlet, purportedly divulged last year that this new slim version will possess a smaller die, allowing for a reduction in the console’s overall size. Along with being slimmer (hence the name), the PS5 Slim is anticipated to have a reduced power consumption rate and maintain cooler operating temperatures.

As with anything, it’s important to take what you see with a pinch of salt.

This is especially true since the PS5 Slim has not yet been announced by Sony, however, there are rumors of the PS5 Slim’s imminent announcement running rampant across the internet. However, it is important to note that all the other PlayStation models have received a slim console in one form or another. So if history is anything to go off, we’d say that there’s a decent chance that this little hiccup holds weight.

Stay tuned for all the latest PS5 Slim rumors here at WePC.

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