PUBG Delivers Lore Dump, Fleshing Out The Game’s Backstory

Along with the likes of Minecraft and Fortnite, perhaps one of the biggest success stories of games that launch in an extremely basic but functional form, only to be fleshed out with regular iterative updates, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is still adding major new features and continues to grow and expand. One thing that has been missing since release, is any kind of fully realized story, with any pockets of the narrative being mostly inferred by environmental storytelling, or simply suggested by the premise and design of the game.

No longer though, as they’ve started to expand on the lore of the game, courtesy of an ARG campaign, centering on a cast of characters who are responsible for running the tournaments. In a clever framing device for the era we live in, it’s presented as a conference call between various different employees, and in terms of presentation, it seems somewhat inspired by the movie Searching.

Here’s a look at the PUBG Lore Drop video, which they say was mysteriously found on a recovered hard drive.

Especially during these times of remote working and lockdowns, we can all relate to irritating professional conference calls with bothersome colleagues. Or if you can’t, that might mean you are the bothersome colleague.

The story is centered around a squad of four players who were able to get off the grid, and escape the island. Identified as the Sanhok 4, it’s not clear exactly what their motives are, or how this story might tie into the game as a whole, but it’s interesting to see a story being added to a game that’s already racked up 70 million sales. Maybe this story is what they need to hit the 100 million sales milestone.

Eagle-eyed players will notice a few nods to various different elements from the game, with a few subtle references hidden throughout the video. Lets us know if you spot any in the comments.