PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Free On Steam This Weekend

Not got much planned this weekend? Well, head over to Steam and you’ll find that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, also known as PUBG, is free this weekend.

This follows a series of games that have been free to play or even keep over the past few months. With many of us still holed up during the pandemic, these free games and free weekends are a bit of a lifesaver, to say the least.

PUBG Free For Three Days

PUBG will be completely free for the next three days but if you want to keep playing, you can get 50% off the retail price after the promotion ends.

The battle royale game will be fully unlocked and you’ll even be able to access the new ranked playlist. However, it looks like the in-game store won’t be accessible.

PUBG has recently had some updates, including a revised version of the Vikendi map. This gives you a chance to explore a new and improved Dinoland with rideable trains.

Other Free Games To Try Out

We know that serious shooting games aren’t for everyone. The good thing is that there are other free games available to try out. If you’ve been keeping an eye on Epic Games recently, you’ll know that they’ve been releasing a free copy of a game each week. Last week we had Borderlands, but this week, you’ll be able to pick up Overcooked.

Overcooked is worlds away from GTA 5, Civilization 6, and Borderlands but if you’re after something a bit more relaxed and a bit different, then it could be worth a try.

If open-world games are more your thing, be sure to check out Sludge Life. Described as a “funky vandalism sim”, Sludge Life is a strange game to be sure but it’s available for free on the Epic Games Store for an entire year!

We’re always keeping an eye out for free games on either Steam or Epic Games so we will keep you updated if any more come out soon. In the meantime, enjoy your free games and make sure to grab Epic Games’ weekly titles before they disappear!

What free game will you be playing? Have you been following Epic Games’ free weekly giveaways? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.