PUBG Update Xbox Today – Hotfix For Xbox Series S Issue

PUBG release a hotfix update to tackle the Xbox Series S frame rate issue, with no downtime required

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It was reported that after a recent update, PUBG on the Xbox Series S has a frame rate capped to 30 FPS issues. Well, don’t worry, PUBG is here with an update for Xbox today. The hotfix will require no downtime, meaning it is going to be a small download for your Xbox and not a server-side fix.

We are unsure what the actual cause was but it is good to see PUBG dealing with some issues for once.

PUBG Update Xbox Today

The hotfix went live seven hours ago, as you can see from the Tweet, so the update will be there waiting for you when you jump onto the game. It isn’t a very big update though so you’ll hardly even notice. What you will notice is your FPS going back up to 60! Hurrah!

PUBG Update 13.1

The last big update for PUBG was in July this year, adding TEAGO’s new features, weapon balances, and other fixes.

Sanhok, a fan favorite, got a few notable additions in Update 13.1 too, with new cliffs and rocks, giving players additional cover, which is something Sanhok needed.