Quirky Sci-Fi Adventure Journey to the Savage Planet Releases Early Next Year

Publisher 505 announced at Gamescom that coop sci-fi adventure Journey to the Savage Planet is out on January 28th, 2020. A quirky new trailer was released in tandem to showcase Journey to the Savage Planet’s colorful alien landscapes.


Journey to the Savage Planet is a first-person adventure that teleports players to the uncharted AR-Y 26 planet on the fringes of the known universe. The player must chart this new frontier teeming with alien life as an employee of exploration corporation Kindred Aerospace to determine whether it can support human life. Arrival on this strange planet is dampened by a lack of equipment and no real plan.

The planet features a slew of biomes and creatures to catalog. Expect comedic set-backs and surprises only found in the farthest reaches of the universe.

Not mentioning a visual similarity to No Man’s Sky would be unwise given the use of such vibrant, 1970s sci-fi inspired hues and the overall aesthetic. Although the same can be said for the alien flora and fauna, Journey to the Savage Planet takes on a more bulbous, almost playful style, oozing with humor rather than the oft-isolated vibes of Hello Games’ game. 

Equally, concentrating on a single, alien planet that’s been meticulously constructed hints at rich and colorful setting ripe for exploration.

Journey to the Savage Planet heads to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, although the PC version features among the controversial list of Epic Games Store exclusives. Pre-orders are live and include a digital bobblehead and Kindred Aerospace pistol charm for those that jump in early.