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RazerCon – Everything You Need To Know About Razer’s Live Event

Rzaer's first-ever RazerCon looks set to be an exciting event!

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2020 has been a strange year for hardware events. With the global pandemic, we’ve seen all the regular announcements, reveals, and conventions move online as top hardware and gaming companies stream right into our living rooms with all their latest tech. And now, it seems that Razer wants it’s own piece of the pie as they gear up for the first-ever RazerCon. Let’s take a look at what we can expect to see from this inaugural event!

Razer has described their first-ever RazerCon as a “global mixed reality keynote” which sounds both equal parts pretentious and exciting. When it comes to these live-streamed events, it would be nice to see something more than a suited and booted CEO standing on a stage (or in their kitchen) talking to the camera about their latest inventions. But, we can’t exactly blame companies for doing this in the past – this is 2020’s world and we’re all just living in it after all.

The event will be streamed on Razer’s Facebook page, and on their Twitch and YouTube channels, so you’ll be able to catch it whatever platforms you’re on. Check out links to the live streams below.

This exciting live stream from Razer will start at 09:00 PST/ 12:00 EST/ 17:00 BST on Friday, October 10th.

Razer have created a jam=packed schedule for RazerCon with giveaways, product showcases, and special guests – so make sure you take a look at the schedule if you don’t want to miss out on anything special!

It also looks like Razer is gearing up for a surprise, as their schedule for one time slot (6 pm 6.15 pm) is simply the Razer logo – we’re taking guesses over on our Twitter and Facebook pages for what this could mean!

Time (PST)Programme
8:30 AMPre-show segment at RazerStore Las Vegas
9:00 AMRazerCon 2020 CEO Keynote opening
10:15 AMGaming PC build-off (Part 1)
10:30 AMRazer Laptop Showcases
10:45 AMMade With Blade Sneak Preview
11:30 AMCommunity Chat with Gaming Celebrities
12:00 PMRazer Mobile Accessories Showcase
12:30 PMRazer Kishi Product Panel
12:45 PMTHX Spatial Audio Technology Panel
1:00 PMGames Studio Showcase
1:30 PMParadox Interactive: Empire of Sin Feature
2:10 PMRazer Gaming Partnerships Exclusive Unveil
2:30 PMGaming PC build-off (Part 2 with surprise announcement)
3:00 PMRazer Chroma Partnerships Showcase - Sponsored by WD_BLACK
3:30 PMGames Studio Showcase
4:20 PMUpclose with Razer Product Unveil
4:50 PMEsports: Team Razer’s Feature
5:30 PM#RazerStreamer and Broadcaster Panel
6:00 PM???
6:15 PMRazer: Keyboards, Mice, and Headsets: Technology Panel
6:30 PMRazerCon Community Giveaway Announcements
7:00 PMAfter-event Concert: Coming Soon
9:00 PMAfter-event Concert: DragonForce and Friends
10:00 PMAfter-event Concert: Sabaton

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