RE4 VR Release Date – Resident Evil 4 Joins Virtual Reality

The Cult classic RE4 will be in VR.


Resident Evil 4 is coming to VR. And we’re not sure how we feel about it. On a base level, thrilled, excited, happy… but then again, we’re not too eager to go back to reexperience the horror game in VR. At the very least, when you’re couch gaming, the pause screen can provide some much needed relief. It’s a different story when VR is involved.

Capcom has confirmed that RE4 will be getting ported to Oculus Quest 2 in their April 2021 Resident Evil Showcase. Here’s all we know so far!



RE4 VR Release Date

The game was announced in April 2021, but they did not give an exact date. What they did say was that  RE4 VR would be released later this year. Considering how late into the year we already are now, it might be a Winter release.


RE4 VR Developers

The game isn’t being made by the exact same team who did the mainline RE games, instead Capcom is working with Armature Studios and Oculus Studios to make Resident Evil 4 VR a reality.

Oculus have made a point of saying that the game is incredibly faithful to the original, its still being remade in Unreal Engine 4. And while the character animations will remain the same, including cutscenes, 4,500 textures have been modified so as to look better up-close.


RE4 Remake

For some time now, there’s been rumours circulating about a Resident Evil 4 remake. A rumour that was sparked after the Resident Evil 3 remake. Some people began to wonder if this VR game was the remake we’ve been promised. But fear not, the initial RE4 leaker confirmed that the VR game is separate to the remake.