Resident Evil 8 Release Date, Rumors, and News

Resident Evil 8 Release Date Rumours and News

Following on from the success of Resident Evil 7 back in 2017, Resident Evil 8 looks to continue the success that the rejuvenation of the series brought. With Resident Evil 7 bringing the series to a new set of fans through the use of VR, we’re hoping the sequel continues this trend. 

Resident Evil 8 Release Date

We haven’t had an official announcement from Capcom that this title is in the works just yet, but the success of Resident Evil 7 and the continuation of this success into the remake of Resident Evil 2 makes a follow-up a no brainer. 

With the news that spin-off title Project Resistance will be on the way, we’re hoping for an official announcement for Resident Evil 8 next year. As far as a release date goes, if this title doesn’t get announced by the Tokyo Game Show 2020, we wouldn’t expect it to drop until 2021. 

Resident Evil 8: What Do We Know?

We don’t know much at this time regarding Resident Evil 8 unfortunately. During a Capcom financial briefing in 2019, it was confirmed that numerous unannounced titles were in development. We’re hoping one of these is Resident Evil 8.

We know that Capcom is testing an unconfirmed title. Capcom’s Division 1 has sent emails to ‘Resident Evil Ambassadors’ in Japan inviting them to test a game that is currently in development. We’re hoping that this title is the anticipated Resident Evil 8, but we can’t be sure, it may just be further Project Resistance testing.

Closing Thoughts

With comments from Resident Evil 7’s executive producer Jub Takeuchi confirming that work on the next game is in motion, it also looks like the sequel will further expand on the direction of the series that Resident Evil 7 took. 

We can’t take too much from this, we don’t yet know if Resident Evil 8 will be more of the same as it’s predecessor or if it will take a new leap into pushing the genre forward. Let’s hope that we get some more information soon. In the meantime, we will have Project Resistance to look forward to at least. We’ll keep you updated on any news we hear as always. 

Are you excited to play the latest installment of Resident Evil? Are you hoping for a game similar to number 7? Or would you prefer that this title takes the story in a different direction? Let us know in the comments section below, we love hearing your thoughts.


  1. Avatar Landon says:

    They should make the game in first person shooter that will be a hit from me because number 7 was pretty fun and sometimes scary at some points in the game but yea keep it in first person don’t make it in third person shooter.

  2. Avatar Landon says:

    They should make number 8 like number 7 but it should a different story line and a different location and characters like Ethan or Mia or Jack or his wife or Lucas or Emily or Zoie.

  3. Avatar Heath Siegmeier says:

    Go back to the roots. Re7 was fun but it should have been a seperate project. Make the game style like the re2 and re3 remakes.

  4. Avatar Unknown says:

    I do NOT want a gameplay similar gameplay to RE7. I want to see my characters in action. Similar to RE2 Remake. Not just hands and weapons. BOOOOOOOORING. Or at least allow the switch between 1st and 3rd Person Modes so both sides can be satisfied. Not a fan of 1st Person Mode games.

  5. Avatar Lexi says:

    Resident Evil 7 in VR was the most frightening (video game experience); I have had in my entire life. I hope that 8 can deliver as well! Absolutely love first person survival horror.

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