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Returnal PC GeForce Now Leak

A GeForce Now Leak suggests that PlayStation Exclusive “Returnal” is coming to PC

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Many games previously exclusive to consoles have recently been revealed as coming to PC. This Returnal PC Geforce Now leak suggests that the Futurusitic Sci-fi game, Returnal will be ported to PC.

This comes courtesy of Ighor July, how has successfully managed to break into the program files of GeForce Now and found a whole host of game product pages, including Returnal. This seems like a pretty promising find, We’ll see in the coming weeks if it turns out to be true. For now at least, it’s something to get cautiously excited about.

PC port of returnal potentially in the works, according to Returnal PC GeForce Now leak

Unannounced PC ports of various games have been found hidden away in the GeForce Now application, including the well-received third-person shooter, Returnal. This game was previously released for PS5 on April 30 and was a popular hit, particularly praised for its visual design and fidelity, and its combat mechanics.

The GeForce Now leak revealed a lot of PC ports of console games that were previously strictly exclusive titles. The clever work of Ighor July has uncovered a huge leak which is exciting news for PC gamers that feel like they’ve missed out on some console exclusives over the last few years. If this leak is to be believed and leads to confirmation in the future, then PC gamers have a LOT to look forward to over the next 12 months.

Are you excited about these ports? Which one are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll keep you updated about the rest of the news about this leak as and when we know more. For now, you should check out our full article about the leak here.

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