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Risk Of Rain 2 console Update Fixes Bugs for Xbox One & PS4

Risk Of Rain 2 received another update on August 17th - here's everything that will be deployed

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Switch player rejoice! The latest Anniversary update for the popular Risk Of Rain 2 will arrive on the Switch this Tuesday 17th of August. Alongside the latest Risk Of Rain 2 console update, players will also enjoy a number of bug fixes that were complained about after the original Xbox One and PS4 update release.

Risk Of Rain 2 Console Update

The Risk Of Rain official Twitter account tweeted out about the upcoming update, stating the following:

According to the post, the update on Switch will arrive at the same time as other platforms, featuring all the same content that was updated on the other consoles.

Players can expect a slew of tweaks, changes, and game improvements – including the return of Bandit, a character that hasn’t been seen since the first Risk Of Rain.

The character has received a few tweaks to provide a better fit with the current sequel.

Risk Of Rain 2 Update Release Notes

Alongside the popular return of Bandit and a brand new boss to tackle, the update notes also discuss character and stage updates, new skill variants (allowing players to sport three different skills), and stackable items. You’ll also enjoy a plethora of quality of life improvements that include general AI updates, new challenges, and performance optimizations.

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