Rocket League Update 2.04 Patch Notes

Notable Feature Removed, But PS5 120 FPS Support Added

New Rocket League Update

The new Rocket League update removes voice chat for an undisclosed amount of time and brings in long-awaited support for 120 FPS on Playstation 5.

New Update – Does Rocket League Have Voice Chat?

In this latest Rocket League update, Psyonix have temporarily removed the voice chat functionality across all platforms. The RL developer has heard concerns from players about the poor quality of the previous voice chat, and say that it is “not up to modern standards, making it difficult to use in a fast-paced game environment.” As there have been issues with lag and service disruption, they felt it fairest to remove it for all players altogether, bringing it back sometime in 2022.

Rocket League PS5 Update – 120 FPS Support

Playstation 5 Rocket League fans have been eagerly awaiting a fix to be brought in to allow the game to be played at 120 FPS. The support had been added previously, but there was a bug preventing it from working, which has now been solved. This means that the game can now be played at 4K at 120 FPS without HDR and at 60 FPS with HDR enabled. You will also need to ensure the video settings are correct on you console for the fix to work. This is done through the Playstation 5 Home Screen, rather than in-game.

If you are having trouble playing at 120 FPS, check out the official advice from Psyonix.

Rocket League NFL Season Continues

Following last week’s Rocket League update, you can still get access to the 2021 NFL Fan Pass for 1,000 Credits. The bundle gives you access to animated Dominus Decals for each NFL team, and a new paint finish. Plus, more exciting new content will be added throughout the NFL season, which runs until January 2022.