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Nvidia RTX 3050 US pricing unveiled, custom cards up to $489 USD

Does MSRP even mean anything any more?

Updated: Jan 27, 2022 10:11 am
Nvidia RTX 3050 US pricing unveiled, custom cards up to $489 USD

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If you’re looking forward to the RTX 3050, which goes on sale today, then you could be in for a treat with cards starting at $249 USD, however. Some cards will be priced almost twice that. This comes from reports at Gamersnexus, in their review, they reached out for comment to Nvidia on the pricing of AIB cards, to see whether or not the RTX 3050 will actually be available for the incredibly competitive $249 as they announced during their conference at CES 2022.

Nvidia RTX 3050 AIB custom card pricing

BrandProduct NamePrice
GigabyteGV-N3050GAMING OC-8GD$379
GigabyteGV-N3050EAGLE OC-8GD$349
GigabyteGV-N3050EAGLE- 8GD $249
MSIRTX 3050 Gaming X 8G$379
MSIRTX 3050 Ventus 2X 8G OC$349
MSIRTX 3050 Aero ITX 8G$249
ZotacTwin Edge OC $399
ZotacTwin Edge$249
Source: Gamersnexus

As you might see from the information above, many cards fall into the golden $249 mark. However, the amount of stock allocated to the cards launching at MSRP might be a little bit lacking. As we reported yesterday, there are only ‘Almost 1000‘ cards in the UK launching at MSRP, and while the figure may be higher in the US, expect it to still be extremely limited. We can also take the average price of 3050, based on these figures to ascertain the ballpark at which most users will be paying.

RTX 3050 average price at launch (US)

Based on the figures obtained from Gamersnexus, we can take all of these MSRPs, and tell you that the average price for an RTX 3050 in the US will be $335.15 USD. This is a far cry from Nvidia’s purported pricing of $249 USD, though we do understand that AIB coolers may not always fall into the spec for the stock cooler as referenced by Nvidia, and can see higher prices based on that, especially with the ROG Strix RTX 3050, which is coming in at almost double the recommended MSRP for the card. It’s a completely overkill cooler for the cut-down chip that it’ll be running. However, it’s a good excuse for ASUS to pump up the price, so they’re the last option left when other models sell out. The question is, will gamers buy it? Unfortunately due to the shortage. The answer is almost always probably, simply due to the scalper market.

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