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Computex Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti And RTX 3070 Ti Reveal Announcement

Nvidia Release Specifications And Performance Of The RTX 3080 Ti And RTX 3070 Ti

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After first revealing the latest gaming and workstation laptops their RTX 3080 Max-Q variants would be powering, Nvidia’s Keynote got on to the main event we’ve all been waiting for – their latest desktop GPUs: the RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3070 Ti!

Both graphics cards are to be based on the same Ampere technology as their other 30-series brethren: with ‘second generation RT cores and third-generation tensor cores’, promising to be ‘the biggest generational leap ever’ – a claim that has been held up so far by the RTX 3080 at least, which did bring a massive step up in performance compared to the RTX 2080.


What We Know

All though Nvidia didn’t confirm all the specification details of their cards, there was no mention of the CUDA core count of either for instance, although figures for both have been rumored, we did a fair bit of information about both which can be seen below, along with their official price ($1,199 for the 3080 Ti and $599 for the 3070 Ti) and scheduled release date (3rd June and 10th June 2021 respectively).

Obviously, the questions on everyone’s minds are will they actually be able to buy these cards on release, given continuing stock problems (good luck!) and if they do manage to snap up a card, how much will they actually end up paying for it given the massively inflated prices plaguing the market right now?

Although we’ll pretty much have to wait and see until the release dates to get answers to these questions, to ensure you have the best chance of getting yourself either one of these cards, make sure you stay locked onto our Where To Buy The 3080 Ti and Where To Buy The 3070 Ti pages for links to all the major global retailers.


RTX 3080 Ti Specifications And Price

3080 Ti benchmark from keynote

Nvidia claims the RTX 3080 Ti is 1.5x faster than the RTX 2080 Ti, and provided the above FPS performance comparison in various games in order to substantiate this. Obviously, you should always take the manufacturer-supplied performance with a pinch of salt and wait for third-party testing!

The specifications, release date, and MSRP of the graphics cards that were provided in the Computex keynote are below:

  • 34 shader-TFLOPS
  • 67 RT-TFLOPS
  • 273 Tensor-TFLOPS
  • 12GB G6X Memory
  • Available June 3rd 2021
  • Starting at $1,199


As mentioned, there was no discussion of the CUDA core count of the card, nor of its clock speeds or memory speeds. We will, however, be able to report all these details to you as of the 2nd June when we will be presenting our review of the Gigabyte AIB of the card, so watch this space!

RTX 3070 Ti Specifications And Price

The enhanced variant of, in Nvidia’s own words, there most popular card, the RTX 3070 Ti will likely be an exciting proposition to the majority of people reading this who won’t be able to afford the RTX 3080 Ti. Nvidia claims that the card will be 1.5x faster than the 2070 Super and will have the following specifications, release date and MSRP:

  • 22 Shader-TFLOPS
  • 42 RT-TFLOPS
  • 174 Tensor-TFLOPS
  • 8GB G6X Memory
  • Available June 10th 2021
  • Starting at $599

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