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RTX 4080 countdown until launch

If you're quite eager to get hands on you can keep an eye out on how long until the 4080 comes out

Updated: Nov 16, 2022 11:53 am
RTX 4080 countdown until launch

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The new RTX 4080 is just around the corner. With the release time likely 2 pm GMT you may be wondering what that time is for you. So just below is our RTX 4080 countdown that will tell you precisely when to start scouring the retailers.

It will be the best opportunity to grab one before it goes out of stock. But it may not be that simple and the pricing may be all over the place currently.

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Where to find stock of the RTX 4080

As another big launch of an Nvidia graphics card, it is expected to be a popular choice. Although its stock of it and popularity may not be as good as the RTX 4090. As it’s the first of the 80 models to reach over $1k.

But it still is a strong and powerful card. It can achieve great performance along with new features in the architecture to bring some innovation but at a greater cost.

For those in the US, the best places to buy an RTX 4080 graphics card are:

For those that live in the UK, the best places to buy an RTX 4080 GPU are:

ASUS TUF Gaming RTX 4080 1

Is the RTX 4080 too expensive?

Now this generation has seen another increase in pricing. And the 4080 price, is rather significant and puts it into new territory for the lower-level card than the flagship.

Although the performance has improved, this shows some stagnation. As the 20 series saw, it may mean it’s best to skip the generation. As it has put the card out of reach for too many people.

However, the new AMD RDNA 3 cards are expected to bring some good competition to the market. And they are going to cost less than the Nvidia cards. So it may be a good alternative, especially as even the 7900 XTX flagship costs less than the 4080.

Therefore it may be worth waiting around for that before jumping the gun on a new GPU. Although sometimes an upgrade might be overdue and you may still be eager to get one.

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