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RTX 4090 TDP leak and potential release date


Updated: Feb 23, 2022 3:40 pm
RTX 4090 TDP leak and potential release date

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The supposed flagship of the next-generation Nvidia GPUs, the RTX 4090 (AD102), has had its TDP leaked along with when it will be available. The leak comes after a few months of silence since any previous mentions on any RTX 4000 series news.

Notorious leaker Greymon55 has provided news that the Lovelace AD102 GPU will require a staggering 1500W power supply. A significant increase from the previously required power supply for the top of the spec cards. The Founder’s Edition RTX 3090 has a card power of 350W with a required system power of 750W.

If true, that means the new flagship will double the power required to run effectively in your system. Even an overclocked Strix 3090 recommends only requiring an 850W power supply to run the card. Having to buy such a powerful PSU will cost you, in the current market, at least $350. However, the card is likely to cost as much if not more than the RTX 3090 which has an MSRP of $1,499 so if you can afford that you can afford to run it.

1500w power supplies

Further information suggests that the TGP of the card can reach up to 850W, with the possibility of three different models of the same die.

RTX 4090 release date

In the same tweet, Greymon55 mentions that the Lovelace GPUs will be launching in September. A more precise date to the previous estimation of the 4000 series release date. It was known it would likely be late 2022 following the pattern of previous generation release dates. Pascal came in May 2016, Turing in September 2018, and Ampere in May 2020. So the September 2022 release date is likely.

Hopefully, this release stays true and we can expect the release in just over six months. However, there is still uncertainty with the supply of chips and GPU production. Intel itself experienced a delay and had to move back its ARC Alchemist shipment to Q2. Either way, we look forward to all the releases coming this year with great competition and innovation ahead.

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