Fresh Rumors Suggest Sony’s PlayStation 5 Event Line-Up Of Games Will Be Huge

Fresh Rumors Suggest Sonys PlayStation 5 Event Line Up Of Games Will Be Huge

Although there's not yet a date for Sony's heavily-rumored early June PlayStation 5 event, details about what may be in store are already starting to surface. The latest murmurs suggest Sony is gearing up to reveal a hefty spread of next-gen titles.

This latest nugget comes courtesy of streamer, YouTuber, and prominent figure in the fighting game scene, Maximilian_DOOD. Speaking during a recent live stream, the Twitch streamer shared what he'd heard about Sony's upcoming plans for the PlayStation 5 event. In particular, Maximilian_DOOD touched on what fans could expect from the line-up of next-gen games.

Maximilian_DOOD explains that Sony Worldwide Studios have been working on games for some time now, with rumors circulating as far back as two years. Sony is reportedly planning to unveil a 'big f*****g line-up' of games as Maximilian_DOOD puts it.

Although there is merit in questioning the credibility of someone not directly linked to Sony's next-gen project, Maximilian_DOOD notes that the rumors come from information amassed from industry friends. Alongside, the YouTuber has established a reputation for correct leaks, notably within the fighting game genre.

It's also worth noting that other than Ghost of Tsushima back in 2017, Sony has announced no new first-party PlayStation titles for close to three years. It isn't unreasonable to presume that Sony has concentrated the resources of its Worldwide Studios stable on developing PlayStation 5 titles for the launch of the console at the end of 2020.

As for what games might be on Sony's PlayStation 5 reveal slate, rumors are a dime a dozen with games such as Horizon Zero Dawn 2, a sequel to 2018's God of War, Crash Bandicoot, a remake of Demon's Souls, a reboot of Silent Hill, and more mentioned.

According to insider nods and increasingly frequent rumors, we may not have long to wait to find out. All signs point to an early to mid-June window for the PlayStation 5 event. If genuine, we can expect Sony to publish an official announcement to that effect this week or early next week.

As has become all too common during the coronavirus pandemic, plans are likely to change at short notice. Although Sony may have planned for an early June event, we can't discount last-minute schedule shifts, which could push back the PlayStation 5 showcase.