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Rumours of Until Dawn remake surface

Recapture the horror

Updated: Feb 14, 2022 3:59 am
Rumours of Until Dawn remake surface

After wading through licenced games and other companies’ IPs for some time, Supermassive Games found genuine success with Until Dawn. Supermassive made a narrative horror experience that was truly fun, chilling and unique. A blast to play with friends, even as you gripped the controller so hard it might shatter. Well, it appears Supermassive know just how beloved Until Dawn is, as rumours swirl that the company is working on a remake of the game for current-gen consoles.

Until Dawn: Back from the beyond

Though currently unconfirmed, the rumours come from a credible source. AccountNGT on twitter has been correct about a number of leaks in the past and appear to be actively investigating this case further.

AccountNGT states; “From what I’ve heard from several separate sources, in addition to their new games, Supermassive Games is reportedly working on a remake of Until Dawn for some time that will be coming to current-gen consoles. I will try to find out more about this potential project.”

Remade so soon?

If true, this remake would no doubt be the result of continued excitement around the Until Dawn property. Until Dawn is not a particularly old game. Going to the effort of a remake, as opposed to a remaster or regular port, speaks to the confidence Supermassive has in its flagship title.

As well as this, the developers are likely buoyed by the continuing success of The Dark Pictures anthology. It appears that Supermassive has well and truly found its niche. And does not intend to stop making this style of horror game any time soon.

And it would be the perfect time for Supermassive to bet big on its narrative horror games. Their titles are heavily cinematic. And the gaming industry is undergoing a resurgence in the popularity of cinematic narrative games. The style was especially popularised by Telltale’s catalogue and other titles such as Heavy Rain. More than a decade on from the genre’s rise to prominence, it is still going strong. As evidenced by excitement around the reveal of The Wolf Among Us Season 2.

Until Dawn and The Dark Pictures

Until Dawn is a classic of its time and genre. With Supermassive’s horror efforts still going strong, it would be a smart move for the company to bring its flagship title back to prominence. Time will tell if this is their plan, or if they are focused solely on forging ahead with The Dark Pictures anthology. Either way, fans are unlikely to be disappointed.

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