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Nvidia DLSS Support For Rust

Rust DLSS Support From 1st July

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The notoriously optimized Rust just got a helping hand in the form of DLSS support, which will become available on July 1st.

The groundbreaking survival game received an extensive visual update earlier in 2021, including an extensive revamp of certain areas and a general graphical overhaul, which should serve to bolster the game’s popularity. DLSS 2.0 means that PC gamers will be able to run the game on higher resolutions with less of a performance hit, which should help make the game look as nice as possible, without hindering player’s FPS in those nerve-wracking PVP engagements the game is well known for.

As we’ve reported, Rainbow Six Siege showed a 50% improvement in performance at 4K. Though we don’t have any data as to the exact performance uplift for Rust yet, we’re excited to see what DLSS 2.0 can deliver.




What Is DLSS?

Deep Learning Super Sampling (or DLSS) is a proprietary upscaling technology from Nvidia. It uses Tensor Core AI processors within the GPU to effectively shortcut the rendering process for pixels on higher resolution images, reducing the strain on the hardware in games and consequently improving the FPS performance.

Higher-resolution gaming, at 4K in particular, therefore benefits greatly from this technology.

DLSS 1.0 was somewhat of a disappointment, but the DLSS 2.0 iteration has proved very impressive. Although AMD’s FSR technology aims to compete with DLSS, it is based on different technology and is no way near as powerful.

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