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Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 release date, specs, & price estimate

When will the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 come out? Plus Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 specs & price estimates

Updated: May 17, 2023 11:46 am
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All the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 release date, specs, and price info below.

Samsung revolutionized the Android tablet market with the Galaxy Tab S series. The Galaxy Tab S8 was the last Samsung tablet released in 2022. So, we expect the company to release the next version of the tablet, the Galaxy Tab S9, this year; however, the Korean tech giant has been tight-lipped about the topic. Here’s what we know about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 release date. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 release date predictions

Samsung has been tight-lipped regarding the release and development of the Galaxy Tab S9. We do not have a spec of rumor to proceed with; however, you can look at the previous Galaxy Tab releases and estimate an approximate date. 

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S6: August 2019
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S7: August 2020
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S8: February 2022

The Galaxy Tab S8 had a February release which is a departure from Samsung’s usual Summer release. We are already way past that date, so a repeat of last year won’t happen. 

However, Samsung is expected to return with the new Galaxy Tab S series around July/August 2023. The latest tip places the release date the newest series around August 11th, with an earlier announcement date to boot – more on that below.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 early announcement date rumored

A promising report from news outlet NotebookCheck reveals that the Galaxy Tab series will be on it’s way a little ahead of schedule. That’s compared to previous years, anyway. The Galaxy Unpacked event, in which Samsung reveal many of their new products, is reported to take place on July 26th in Seoul. A contrast to the previous year where we had to wait until August 10th. That means the event has been pushed forward a couple of weeks.

Thanks to this early announcement, the Galaxy Tab S9 is expected to launch earlier too – which is slated for August 11th, as mentioned above. That also goes for the rest of the series (Tab S9 Plus and S9 Ultra), as well as the Galaxy Flip5 and Fold5.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 specs

We don’t know much about the Galaxy Tab S9 specs. However, we do know that the new tablet is getting a new rating of IP67, meaning the tablet would be safe from dust and survive immersion of up to a maximum of 1 meter for 30 minutes.

A big surprise from a tech leaker at Digital Chat Station stated that Samsung wouldn’t be using the latest Snapdragon chipset on its next tablet; instead, the company would use the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1. It is slightly better than the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, used on last year’s Galaxy Tab S8. 

Currently, this is all we have but stick with us. We will update our page as soon as we receive any new information. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 price Info

Samsung hasn’t released anything regarding the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9’s price, nor have we received any info. 

However, you can look at the prices of Samsung’s previous tablets and come to an estimated conclusion. 

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S7: $649/£619
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S8: $699/£649

We expect the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 to have the same price as the Tab S8. However, a slight increase is possible due to the global financial condition. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FAQs

Is the Samsung Galaxy Tab the best?

Yes, in terms of power and performance, there’s hardly any Android tablet that can match the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Will Samsung release a new tablet in 2023?

Yes, we expect Samsung to release the Galaxy Tab S9 in 2023. Currently, we are still determining an actual release date.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 release date, specs & price : Final Word

We’ll be updating this page with the latest info on the Surface Galaxy Tab S9 release date and other details as it comes out. In the meantime, do be sure to have a look at our various other guides and tech news in the dropdown menu above this article.

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